This Month We Love... May 2016

When Lara was born, several people told us how lucky we were to have a girl, and that she would just sit quietly, draw and do jigsaw puzzles for the next fifteen years.  I'm not quite sure which girls actually do this, but our collection of fire crackers are more likely to be found jumping from one piece of furniture to another, climbing trees, taking things apart and plotting world domination, than they are sitting quietly.  I'm not sure they even know what that means!  Of course, this suits us just fine, so we clamber over iron age forts, talk superheroes, supply tools, and clean the paint/grass stains/mud off their clothes (their one concession to girlydom!).

Steve, still part geek, delights in Lara's ever-growing interest in superheroes, so was delighted when she was sent this Marvel Captain America: Civil War Blaster Reveal Shield to review.  Using his superhuman strength and agility, Captain America fights battles fearlessly with his indestructible shield!  Join America's first Super Soldier in fighting justice with this Blaster Reveal Shield, which includes 2 launching projectiles in a hidden blaster.  Mini heroes-in-training can use the shield to protect themselves and as the ultimate weapon against evil.  The must-have toy this summer!

If the weather does let us down this month, I will do my best to contain the jumping beans indoors with promises of Amazon Prime, and this great craft box from ChiChi World.  The theme of the All Things Crafty box this month is Sports and Games, so activities include making a fridge magnet, a winner's badge and a football mosaic coaster.  That should keep them busy for a while!  This fun monthly subscription box is great for pre-schoolers and KS1 kids containsat least 7 different educational and fun activities each month, helping children learn as they create and play.

Tatiana has been jealous for a while now of the Huggies Dry-Nites pull-ups Sophia wears, so she was beside herself when Asda sent her some cute Peppa Pig First Pants of her own to try out.  She loves them and we think they're great too.  Soft, comfortable, easy up and down for any gos on the potty she fancies, and great fitting even when she does her trademark bed spins at night.  They keep her dry all night with no sign of discomfort or any redness in the morning, and smiley Peppa and George Pig designs make sure she is happy to put them on at bedtime.  A great idea.

Tatia has also been loving her new BABY born® First Love Hold My Hands doll from Zapf Creations, which has a snuggly, soft body with plush velvety romper in a pretty shade of lilac.  When you press her hands she sings a melody and she is so soft and cuddly. We love how the romper hood makes even her harder head cuddly, so she is perfect for bedtime.  Batteries are included so she is ready to snuggle right from the box, and perfect for children aged 12 months and up, a lovely first doll.  Tatiana didn't have a dolly of her own before this, so she is very protective of her 'baby', RRP £17.99.

Finally, we have a delightful new addition to the bedroom: this cute owl rug from Flair Rugs.

Based on characters from children’s storybook series Not Before Tea, Flair has created a collection of four 90cm diameter circular rugs featuring Vera the Vole, Pip the Mouse, Brendan the Badger and Sherb the Owl.  These cute hand-drawn characters lend themselves well to the design, making charming and whimsical rugs for a child's bedroom, nursery or playroom.

Handcrafted from the finest cotton for a super soft, dense pile, Flair brings its usual meticulous attention to detail and high quality standards to the latest designs.  Sophia adores her new rug and happily curls up on it with a teddy or a doll and some books to read, we've even heard her telling stories to Sherb himself!

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