Making LEGO Friends at WWT Arundel #LEGO

We went to see the brilliant LEGO animals at WWT Arundel back in May.  These giant LEGO® brick models, which include an awesome otter, fabulous flamingo and more, are on tour around the various UK Wetland Centres and will be at Arundel until this Sunday, 26th June, and will then move on to WWT Martin Mere in the North West for the summer.

Mixed in amongst their real-life cousins and feathered friends, the giant LEGO® brick animals are entertaining for visitors of all ages, and a must-see for any LEGO fan.  There are nine individually-designed 1.5m LEGO® brick animals and birds, including species you will be able to spot on site.  Interactive LEGO® workshops can also be booked, or just have a play and build your own mini-figures to take home in the shop or cafe.

Lara is LEGO-mad and absolutely loved seeing how the models were made; our not-quite-in-the-closet geek Steve was pretty impressed too!

Look out for the real-life babies too!

Beautiful model and real-life nene geese, the amazing conservation success story of a bird near extinction, numbering just 30 in around 1960, and now some 2000-strong, thanks to the work of Sir Peter Scott and the WWT.

A fast maturing nene gosling with half down and half adult feathers showing.

Photos from the woodland hide:

The girls enjoyed making their own bird models in the cafe:

If you're down this way, head to Arundel tomorrow or over the weekend to see them, or if you're oop north, keep an eye on the WWT website and on Twitter to see when the models will arrive at Martin Mere.


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