Our Butlins Holiday, June 2016

After our holiday last year the girls were chomping at the bit to get back to Butlins again.  Of course, being less than a mile away we have been in for several day trips since then, but any chance to stay at a hotel - especially with full entertainment on tap!

With Thomas, Mike the Knight, Bob the Builder, Angelina Ballerina, Sid & Rebecca, a whole squadron of Little Tikes cars, and much more, our three were ready for everything!

We stayed in the Wave hotel this time, with two interconnecting family rooms which gave us lots of space and two small fridges perfect for breakfast bits and picnic lunches.  Eating out three times a day is too much for Lara, so being able to head back to our room(s) at regular intervals suited her perfectly.  I think we may book an apartment next time and go 100% on the cooking etc, as there isn't a great deal of choice available for vegetarians, except at the Papa John's pizza place.

Plus Tatia could take a nap as needed.  Playsuit c/o Nutmeg at Morrisons.

From the photos above it looks like we just had a car park view, but being on the third floor we could actually see the whole site, plus a wrap around sea view.  But the joy of 'holidaying at home' means we can spend all our time on site and don't feel obliged to go out and explore the area or even our own beach, so we embraced all the playgrounds, activities and entertainments.  There weren't as many great shows as last time, when we all loved the Tree Fu Tom and Scooby Doo shows, but hopefully there will be more next year.  This time round Lara loved the Sid and Rebecca (Let's Play) version of Treasure Island and Sophia was as entranced as ever with her beloved Mike the Knight.  Tatiana's pretty impressed too!

Waiting for Mike!
Official photo.  How happy is Sophia?!

Here are some more pics from our week:

Lara's playsuit c/o Nutmeg at Morrrisons

Cakes in bed lazy moment for Lara

Sophia's skirt c/o Nutmeg at Morrisons

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