Scent Your Home, Boost Your Mood & Treat the Whole Family with Aromatherapy

Our sense of smell is closely linked to memory, so a brief waft of your granny or mother's favourite perfume will prompt a string of memories, the scent of cut grass or an apple orchard in sunshine will evoke remembrances of picnics or long summer days playing.  Our sense of smell is closely linked to emotion so we all have preferences for different scents, but do you know how effective scent can be in treating illness, lifting mood, enhancing energy and and short-term memory and more?

Many people employ commercial air fresheners in their homes, including those ridiculously irritating ones that go off when they sense movement.  So homes and businesses are full of artificial chemical-filled scents assaulting our olfactory systems, and no doubt contributing to the ever-rising number of asthma sufferers.  But why use fake scent when you can easily scent your home with the real thing?

I first started a layman's study of aromatherapy* in my teens and have embraced the power of essential oils for many years, eschewing drugs for lavender oil during three labours, and treating various ailments for all the family, cats included, purely with essential oils and a bit of homeopathy.  The oils we use the most are lavender for sleep and relaxation; lemon for energy or to wake to in the morning (great for preventing cats urinating where they shouldn't too!); bergamot and chamomile for stress; rose for PMT time; and a eucalyptus blend for when anyone has a cold or sinus problems.

But we do find little oil burners aren't always effective at spreading scent far, nor are they very safe with three bouncy children and five bouncy cats around!  But we have recently received the rather lovely Radiance Essential Oil Diffuser from Organic Aromas, which makes scenting the home, and using the wonderful power of aromatherapy, so much easier.

This mains-powered diffuser actually works as a nebuliser, diffusing the scent around your home from a beautiful unit that looks at home on your bookshelf, dresser or sideboard, and with a quiet but powerful and effective motor.  It works on the Bernoullis Principle of fluid dynamics, and doesn't use heat or water which can both interfere with the therapeutic properties of essential oils.

Suitable for both domestic and professional use, this diffuser is equally at home in the spa, office, home, classroom or meeting room.  It has an easy to control "volume"-type switch to determine precisely how much oil to diffuse, and works on a usage cycle of 2 minutes on, 1 minute off for a maximum of 2 hours at a time.  It has a very low energy consumption and, because the atomising performance is so efficient, uses only a small amount of essential oil at a time.  It works on any electrical outlet (110 or 220v) and comes with the correct electrical plug adaptor for your market (USA, UK, EU, Australia, etc).

With a stylish wooden base made from natural plantation hardwood, and a custom-blown glass reservoir, this stylish unit is a graceful and beautiful design.  It's a work of art in itself, but also features rainbow-coloured LED mood lighting.  The diffuser also comes with a free bottle of Organic Aromas' popular Signature Essential Oil Blend.  The only issue is with cleaning the unit, but this is carefully and clearly laid out on the website and in the instructions you will receive with your unit.  The comprehensive set up, maintenance and cleaning instructions on the website are well worth a read before you start, and useful to bookmark for future reference.

I love the fact that the unit switches itself off, so no worries about leaving it on accidentally, and our concerns about having open flames burning around the cats and kids are completely alleviated.  The whisper quiet, highly efficient unit diffuses essential oils throughout the home, much more efficiently than a traditional oil burner, and it is a thing of beauty in itself.  The perfect way to scent your home, boost your mood and treat various family ailments with aromatherapy.

The Radiance Essential Oil Diffuser retails at $95 (around £65) from Organic Aromas.

* Always check which essential oils are safe to use during pregnancy, and place all oils and diffusers well out of children's reach.

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