Teletubbies Charm a New Generation #TeletubbiesQ&A

The Teletubbies, those scions of Ragdoll Productions' domination of children's TV in the 1990s, are back!  Lara had a few DVDs of the old series and one of her most treasured toys was a talking Laa-Laa I found in a charity shop on Christmas Eve when she was two.  Sophia and Tatiana have joined her Teletubbies fan club too, so were all very excited to see them return in a new incarnation last year.

Now nearly twenty years old, the costumes are a bit brighter and plusher (is that a word?!), the baby in the sky has a different face, and Jane Horrocks has replaced Toyah's dulcet tones, but the main message stays the same.  The Teletubbies say to toddlers, we understand you, you may not get every word right but we get you, and we're your friends.  In their bright, colourful world Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po explore themes of friendship, getting along together and having fun.

Teletubbies appeals to even the youngest children, and many a 5 or 6 year old will happily watch with younger siblings too, because their universal appeal is their friendly, loving and playful world.  The Tummy TV clips are one of our favourite parts of the show.  They are all about other toddlers and preschoolers so children recognise someone like them, and often learn something or see how others live which may be the same or different.  Tatiana loves this bit, as you can see in this video:

Afterwards Tatia talked about what the little boy had for breakfast and drew a picture of him on her magnetic drawing board (erased too fast for me to take a photo alas).  She then asked if we could make a smoothie so we rustled one up with the contents of the fridge and fruit bowl, luckily we had the blueberries and banana like he used!  We're yet to organise a Tubby toast vs Tubby custard play off though, maybe tomorrow morning...

As a parent I love how relatable the Teletubbies are, and how their warm and cosy world encourages children to communicate confidently and join in.  You can see this in how Tatiana is interacting with them in the video.  At an age where cognitive development is so far ahead of verbal communication skills, this is offers a valuable confidence boost for toddlers.

A new addition to the show are the adorable Tiddlytubbies, tiny baby Teletubbies who all three girls think are fabulous.  They even pretend their dollies have Tiddlytubby babies of their own to look after.  Seriously, look out for them, SO cute!

Teletubbies airs at 7am every weekday on CBeebies, or for late risers like us they're always available on the BBC iPlayer.

You can find out more about the show on the Teletubbies website or find them on FacebookTwitter and YouTube.

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