This Month We Love... June 2016

We came back from our epic Devon and Cornwall trip to a mountain of parcels and post, so here's a quick run down of some of our favourite things from the past few weeks...

For Me:

I loved this cute heart craft activity we did for Valentine's Day, so when Book Block Original offered to make up a custom-made notebook using some of the children's artwork, these were my immediate thought.  The designs have come out really well, even catching the glitter overkill.  You can upload your own design and order a custom-made book from just £12, such a cute gift idea (or just order for yourself!)

Another lovely treat for me is this luxury soap from The English Soap Company, who offer finest quality, British-made products.  I'm a sucker for a beautifully packaged vegetable oil soap, and the strong rose scent of this one is delightful.  A lovely gift, or perfect for a guest bedroom or bathroom.  Hands off mine though!

This beautiful Essenza Vance duvet cover comes from Rooi, who I hadn't heard of before.  Made in cotton satin, and with the most beautiful watercolour effect design, this will grace our spare bed beautifully.  Rooi sell a wide range of beautiful Indian and Egyptian cotton linens, opulent throws and bedspreads, lots to ooh and ah over!  They also sell hand-decorated scarves, elegant stationery, candles, cushions and much more.  They even have a pet section!  Definitely a go-to site for gifts.

I suffer from asthma and heard lots of god things about salt pipes, so I was delighted to be asked to review one.  Dry salt inhalers provide a simple, natural solution to hayfever, asthma and other respiratory problems.  You simply inhale as normal through the pipe, and within a week should notice a real difference.  Breathing should become easier and deeper and any coughing should lessen.  Salt crystals have been used for decades to treat respiratory disorders and help strengthen the immune system by cleansing the lungs, allowing them to absorb more oxygen.  I'll let you know how I get on!

A computer mouse is never going to be a very exciting thing, but the new range from Logitech promise to bring fun and excitement to your desk, with quirky but stylish designs, ergonomic design and responsive wireless technology.  The Logitech Party Collection are widely available.

For them:

The girls love these cute little Itty Bitty characters from Hallmark.  These collectable little guys already grace our toy box in their Scooby Doo and Wizard of Oz incarnations, but the arrival of Star Wars Itty Bittys was met with great excitement!  They are so cute and have been taking part in various games, as well as being cuddled at night and in the car.  SO cute.

In an ideal world we'd all have a toy box full of only wooden toys and they would all be the ecologically sound, socially responsible kind made from green manufacturers like Hape.  Their range of lovely wooden toys ranges from toddler pull alongs to dolls houses, families and furniture.  We love the beautifully designed dolls house range and this very cute granny and granddad, all perfect for this June's National Share a Story month.  Get storytelling with your child and Hape.

Our girls are loving the new Acropats, little foam men that fit together to form a huge array of different shapes and patterns.  They stand, hold, balance, connect, float, and even stick to the wall or the bath when wet.  Suitable both as a bath toy or when dry, these are a fun, educational and inspiring toy that appeals to all ages.

Ever-evolving into new toy variants, Play-Doh have just launched their Town range, which includes this fun Play-Doh Town Fire Truck features a fire truck, fire fighter and two tubs of Play-Doh.  As the Play-Doh Town firefighter rolls to the rescue, let him play with the water cannon pressing tool and stamps.  Build an emergency scene by stacking the house-themed cars and stamping out Play-Doh fires.  The axe also fits in the firefighter's hand to slice through the pretend flames and his feet stamp his moustache and badge.

Lara has a LeapFrog My Pal Scout from when she was little, so Tatiana was delighted to be sent the newer girl version, My Pal Violet by multi award-winning education toy brand LeapFrog.  Both My Pal Scout and Violet have super-soft fur and 5 touch points that respond when pressed, singing and talking to their child friend.  The My Pals can be personalised to learn your child’s name and favourite things, now also via smart phones, so they are ready to play straight from the box!  Scout and Violet come with 5 songs or a choice of 30+, and two modes of play, so you can play with Scout and Violet in daytime mode or night-time mode for soothing lullabies.  A lovely cuddly friend.

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