Working Towards Dry Nights with DryNites®

We're delighted to tell you that we're going to be working with DryNites® this year.  Did you know that 1 in 4 children wet the bed at the age of four, and that this affects more than 900,000 children and young people in the UK?  And that actually, that's OK.  DryNites'® ConfidentNites® campaign is here to show parents that bedwetting is a perfectly normal part of growing up, and when handled well does not need to be an issue for your child or your family - especially with Spiderman on hand to help!

With societal and nursery pressure to have children 'potty trained' as early as possible, many parents are anxious that their child 'still' wets the bed.  Unfortunately, this anxiety is often passed on to the child too.  To help combat this, DryNites® has launched a new ConfidentNites® Guide offering helpful advice on bedwetting.  DryNites® aims to provide parents with the tools and knowledge they need to share in their child's confidence as they overcome different obstacles and learn more every day, but also to ultimately help them to overcome the bedwetting phase.

As DryNites® ambassadors, Sophia and I will be telling you all about the product and sharing our progress towards completely dry, confident nights, every night.  Sophia is 4 and at the moment goes through phases of having dry pyjama pants every morning, then having a series of wet nights.  We're not quite sure why.  Luckily, the discreet and comfortable DryNites® pyjama pants still help her feel in control and grown-up enough to handle the wet nights.  And she loves the new Disney© and Marvel graphics; how could she not feel confident going to bed with Queen Elsa every night?!

Having gone through (very) late potty learning with our eldest daughter who has SPD and possible autism, my first advice to anyone on potty/toilet issues is to lower your expectations.  Children's bladders are tiny, they need to drink a lot of water to stay healthy, and far too many end up at the GP's office with UTIs because they are subjected to toileting pressure and end up limiting fluid intake or holding their urine for too long.  Better to take a step back and chill out on the toilet pressures.

Maybe our laidback approach isn't the norm, but with many kids unable to stay dry through the night until they’re 5 or more because their bladders are too small, they lack muscle control, they sleep too deeply to rouse when they need to pee, or all of the above, taking a step back and following your child's lead without pressure is the best way forward in our opinion.

We love the super absorbency of DryNites® pyjama pants, perfect for a growing child, and the stretchy sides that make them easy to take on/off and give a real underwear-like fit.  After all, when a child is wearing underwear during the day, shouldn't they wear it at night too, even if it does have extra absorbency for those little accidents.  Join Sophia and I on our journey over the next few months as we learn more about staying confident at night and during the day, and hopefully move towards dry nights, every night.

Visit to find out more about the product, and to follow the ConfidentNites® Guide for your child.

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