A Holiday at Home with Unk Pauw

Last week Steve finally had some time off.  He's been working seven days a week lately, covering for the lady he job shares with whilst she recovers from an operation, so it has been even more tricky than usual trying to keep all the plates spinning at home.  We're both exhausted!  But last week we took time out because we had my best friend and the girls' godfather visiting.  Unfortunately, Lara was unwell so we didn't do everything we had planned, but had fun nevertheless, even when we got soaked at WWT Arundel on day 3.

We had a better day for a pub lunch, complete with bouncy castle, followed by strawberry picking - and eating, and fun at the playground in the evening.  Busy days.

We were all sad to say goodbye, as you can see from last week's Silent Sunday with the little Tatia Klingon, and Sophia here.

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