A Short Ramble About Going Out, London and Christmas

Oh my gosh, another few weeks have disappeared in a blur.  Somehow we are now hurtling through July and the year is still going way, way too fast for my liking!  Having been pretty much absent all last week, apart from a couple of cherry recipes, I thought I'd give you a quick update on what's been going on here.  So, it's Christmas, of course!

Having decried London and broken up with her a couple of months again, I was back in the Big Smoke for a few events and a meeting the week before last.  During some idle moments in the taxi later, I worked out I must have spoken to about a hundred people in one day.  That's more than I usually talk to in a month!  It's usually just postmen, delivery drivers, family, friends, and maybe the odd few people if I get out.  But, my work at home existence is about to change as I have decided to rent some office space starting from next month.  Trying to juggle three young children at home with running a household and working more than full-time hours is just crazy, so I will soon have a desk to escape to as needed.  Yay!

But I digress, so, Christmas in July...  I'm delighted to be working with Asda on their Christmas campaign this year, so after my meeting I had a fab sneak peek of the latest lines, and the chance to grill celebrity chef James Martin, who was then only 7½ weeks into his new role.  Look out for more info on that later this week - I've even made a video for you!  (A quick heads up though, put a date in your diary now for Christmas dessert shopping - Asda is the go-to place this year, the selection they have is divine!)

After all the fun at Asda it was over to Aldi where I finally managed to meet a couple of PRs I've been chatting to online for ages - so good to finally put names to faces!  Speaking of faces, how about this cute little guy?

And, after all the swooning you guys did over the copper kettle I'd spotted at the Sainsbury's show last year (sold out fast, mainly by Attachment Mummy fans I think), I couldn't not let you see this gorgeous piece could I?!  Another diary note - Aldi Special Buys, November - keep an eye out!

While you're there, don't miss the chance to stock up on the delicious Gavi!

Wondering why I had driven to the train station, my next stop was the Morrisons show where I was confronted with this invitation.  It would be rude not to, surely?!

A couple of kids toy and clothing themes came up repeatedly: unicorns and Star Wars.  The first apparently being inspired by the Despicable me girls still; the latter by the spinoff film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, out in December.

After another couple of shows it was time to head home, where I found this one all grubby and glittery asleep on the sofa - you can tell Daddy was in charge!

They had made some super cute 'we miss you Mummy' cards though, so I might let him off.

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