Are You Ready to Switch from Oil to LPG?

Are you living with an expensive and dated oil heating system?  If so, this is the ideal time to upgrade your oil heating system to LPG from Calor.  With benefits including lower prices on new LPG boilers, automatic delivery, free above ground tank installation, and lower carbon emissions, there is every reason to switch.  And with Calor's new Fuel Switch Check tool, it's quick and easy to find out what the benefits will be for your home and family.

Calor's new Fuel Switch Check tool advises users on how to reduce energy costs when upgrading the heating system of their homes.  Fed up with expensive oil costs?  Fed up with looking at that ugly oil tank?  Think carefully about moving to LPG, and if you are considering the purchase of a new oil boiler, use this quick and easy tool to see just how you can save and benefit by switching to Calor.

There are just two main questions: how old is your oil boiler, and how old is your oil tank?  An old boiler is likely to be inefficient and could be wasting your money.  Let the experts tell you just how you can benefit from making the switch to LPG, whether now or in the future.  Whilst for newer boilers the time may not be right, it is a good idea to start thinking about making the change in the future, and Calor are on hand to help you find a more efficient and economical provider.

There are many ways Calor can help you to save money, from a more efficient boiler to no tank replacement costs, and there are myriad benefits.  We have written before on the benefits of Calor LPG, but to summarise:

  • Power your heating, cooking, water and more
  • Improve energy efficiency in your home by up to 30%
  • Reduced energy costs
  • A more affordable highly-efficient boiler (typically £900 cheaper)
  • Lower carbon emissions (LPG emits around 20% less CO2 per kWh than oil)
  • Remote monitoring and automatic top up means you'll never run out of fuel
  • Easy and quick installation with minimal disruption
  • No need to worry about oil leaks and associated costs (up to £20,000!)
  • Free above ground tank installation
  • Full support from Calor's Home Energy Support Team who will be with you every step of the way
  • Easy account management and 50 local customer centres offering support when and where you need it

If you currently use oil and your old boiler or tank is heading to the point where it will be in need of replacement, head over to the Fuel Switch Checker today to see how you could benefit from a move to the cheapest LPG supplier in the UK.

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