I Know What You Should Do This Summer... Join the Big Book Quiz and FREE Online Summer Camp! #edplacesummercamp

With the long six week holiday almost upon us, or part way through in Scotland, many parents are worried about just what to do with the kids for all those long days.  Especially with the good old British weather hardly being reliable, as ever!  After all, there are only so many theme parks and big days out that our enthusiasm - and budget - can stretch to.  But you are, of course, super-mum.  By now you've turned your garden into a site Butlins would be proud of, have enough toy supplies out for a kindergarten plus a good stack of DVDs or a well-populated Amazon Video list, and you'll be amassing craft supplies and recycling odds whilst simultaneously looking for the least stressful baking recipes, and checking your cupboards for ingredients.  Yay, school's out, it's summer!

But, sudden panic, what about something more educational?  Many parents are worried about summer slide, and legitimately so.  As a primary school teacher, our plans for the first week or two back were always scaled back as we knew there would be quite a bit of 'can't remember' and 'um, what is it again' time to deal with before we could get the children back into the swing of things again.  Of course, tiger moms not withstanding, no-one wants to put their child on a full study timetable for the holidays, but a little bit of study each week will be enough to prevent summer slide and give the kids something interesting to do during their downtime or on rainy days.

We have yet to embrace the summer camp idea here, unlike our European and American neighbours, but online education tutorial service EdPlace is offering an Online Summer Camp, with a 6 week activity package that will help keep children engaged and entertained, all for free.  EdPlace aims to support parents in their child's education year round by offering help, tuition and learning opportunities in English, Maths and Science across the National Curriculum for children aged 5-16.

The free 6 week summer camp offers children the chance to have fun whilst continuing their learning in Maths, English and Science, with activities including a reading challenge, science experiment guidance videos, online games and more.  New activities launch each week from 25th July to 29th August, with the first one being the Big Book Quiz.

EdPlace's English teacher has chosen 12 recommended books, 3 for each age group.  They include treasured characters like Mrs Pepperpot, Alfie and The BFG, as well as classics like Tom's Midnight Garden and To Kill a Mockingbird.

The summer holidays are the best time to lose yourself in a good book or two, and this is the perfect relaxed way for you to share a book with your child.  Why not join in, and enter their social media competition by sharing your child's favourite place to read?  Waterstones gift cards will be awarded for the most unusual photographs!

Whether they're reading by the pool, in a hammock or in a treehouse, or just in bed, a love of reading is the best gift you can give your child.  Why not engage their attention by asking some key questions about the text, or encourage them to create some art or a craft project inspired by what they have read?  Just join up to the Big Book Quiz for guidance.

Future weeks will see scientists exploring the kitchen for scientific learning and fun, essay writing, online maths games in the Brain Olympics, money management, and going on a mini-beast adventure in the back garden.  It's going to be a blast!

Summer boredom?  Summer slide?  What are they?!

You can join the FREE EdPlace Online Summer Camp here.

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