Ribena Colouring Café #Ribenary

Even down here in my little beach-based bubble, the adult colouring phenomenon has made an impact.  The shops are awash with gloriously illustrated adult colouring books and those gorgeous arrays of coloured pencils in tins and packets of multi-hued Sharpies are piled high.  That king of children's drinks, Ribena, has teamed up with Bristol-based artist Alex Lucas to give us all a few minutes escapism from the crazy modern world.  What could be better than taking some time out with friends or family, indulging in a bit of gossip and colouring, whilst sipping Ribena and munching one of these gorgeous cupcakes?

Last week, Ribena opened the doors of its very own Colouring Café in London's Convent Garden last week and invited people in to colour in their own portion of an amazingly bonkers piece of art.  They were adding their own dramatic splash of colour to a quirky, joy-filled surrealist city landscape designed by Alex.  A chance to leave the world behind for a while and add a splash of colour to your day.  Life doesn't get any more Ribenary!

Designed to illustrate the little things that make us smile every day, there are fun things to spot everywhere in this bright cityscape.  Once she had designed the large piece, Rachel's creation was chopped into 120 individual pieces and a group of fun-seekers were invited to grab life by the felt tip.

Let loose pens, they coloured away to their hearts' content, in-between filling up on tasty Ribena Light (and cake!), of course.  Have a look at the fun that was had:

As an artist Alex Lucas is all about the simple happy things.  The walls of her Bristol home are covered in giant birds and flowers making it a work of art in itself, and every Saturday she opens her front window, selling artwork through her 'Window Shop'.  And this quirky approach to art and life certainly shows in her wonderful Ribena-inspired mural.

Find out more and create your own colourful creation at the Ribena Colouring Café

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