Review: Honey Girls from Build-A-Bear Workshop

A few weeks ago we headed over to Brighton for a visit to Build-A-Bear.  Churchill Square is a bit of a toy paradise for the girls, as the car park exit comes out next to The Entertainer, the LEGO shop is round the corner, and Build-A-Bear is upstairs!  My wallet usually takes quite a beating.  Thankfully, this time we had ben invited over by Build-A-Bear to meet the new Honey Girls.

The original Honey Girls, Teegan, Risa and Viv, launched last year.  They are three friends on a quest to make awesome music as they work to “be brighter together!”, and now they have new friends to join them - as well as new fashion choices and new music

Like most children, ours love Build-A-Bear where the opportunity to make a new cuddly friend, name it, bring it to life, and dress it up is irresistible.  Lara chose Teegan because she liked the purple colour, and that she's a cat!

Before she was even stuffed, Lara had chosen a full outfit for her Honey Girl.  She isn't sure about the noise that the stuffing machine makes (SPD) so let the assistant that was helping us get on with it whilst Lara chose the quality to put in her Honey Girl.  This cute feature means you imbue your Honey Girl with a characteristic like strength, confidence, creativity etc.  Lara chose strength for hers.

Sophia chose Misha the fox and happily got on with the stuffing.  Best of all the stuffing machine ran out during her turn, so she got to refill it through a big suction tube, which our mini engineer loved!

The girls then went on to dress their Honey Girls in the Dressing Room area.  The clothes were all a bit disco, but Lara and Sophia enjoyed choosing their outfits and dressing them, although they found putting the shoes on a bit tricky.

Here's Sophia's finished Honey Girl:

After their Honey Girls were dressed, we went over to make their birth certificates.  There was a fun Honey Girls video to watch too.

The girls were delighted with their Honey Girls:

Back at home, the Honey Girls were immediately co-opted to play mummies and babies, and a hundred different games since.  They've been on holiday with us, had days out, and are permanent residents on the bed too.

Honey Girls are available from Build-A-Bear stores nationwide, priced £21 each, but they are currently on offer at 2 for £26! A fab addition to the toybox.

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