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Whilst many parents will be focussed on that milestone of childhood, the first day at school, many children say that they consider having the opportunity to decorate their own bedroom is more important.  And a huge 92% of children would spend more time in their own rooms if they were given the chance to get involved in designing and decorating it; yet only a quarter of parents involve their children in this crucial creative process.

Commissioned by leading paint brand Dulux, the study of 2000 families found that helping mum and dad decorate made the majority of children happy or excited.  Helping with the designing and decorating of their room also gave children a greater sense of ownership and responsibility, resulting in tidier rooms, as well as an opportunity to express their individuality and creativity.  As Developmental Psychologist Dr. Sam Wass, of The Secret Life of... says, "It’s vital to children’s development to sometimes let them be in charge for a change."  Amen to that!

Unfortunately, a majority parents think it's quicker and easier to do the planning and decorating on their own, losing this unique bonding and developmental opportunity.  And many even admitted preferring to match the bedroom to the style of the rest of their house and according to their own personal tastes, rather than the preferences of their child!

Sitting down with your child and asking them to design their perfect room won't just mean a chocolate river and wall to wall TV set, in fact when asked to name the one thing they would like in their rooms, the top answer was a treehouse.  While a real treehouse might be slightly ambitious, the creative responses your child gives will surprise you.  The challenge then is for us adults to think big and try to ignore our own restricted imaginations and beliefs!

The top 10 creative ideas children want in their bedrooms are:

1. Treehouse
2. Slide
3. Narnia style wardrobe
4. Swing
5. Trap door
6. Glass ceiling
7. A stage
8. Jungle
9. Space rocket
10. Pirate ship

Parents typically expected decorating together to be a stressful activity, but admitted afterwards that it had actually been a hugely positive experience, giving them the ideal opportunity to spend quality time with their kids.  Commenting on the research findings, Dr. Sam Wass said:

"Children typically create little things, but the bedroom is the first real, permanent thing that they can influence. Involving a child helps them to establish their own inner space and the image that they want to project to others. And for parents, having a chance to work together with their children can really help to establish a stable, respectful relationship."

'Quality' time with parents, fun, responsibility, pride, creativity, and individuality, what more reason do you need to get your child involved in creating their perfect sanctuary?  After all, we adults think of our domestic space as a place to escape and relax, why shouldn't our children have that too?

The summer holidays may be at an end, but there is still plenty of time to create an amazing space for you kids before the darker evenings draw in.  Why not dedicate a weekend to making their room extra special?  You'll find instructions for all the looks featured here, and much more advice and inspiration, on the Brilliant bedrooms for happy kids area of the Dulux site.

Whether you have a bookworm, a mini sports star, a fairy princess, a budding astronaut or a super hero in the making, Dulux has tips for the perfect theme for every child, and they'll help you every step of the way.  Try the cute bedroom theme quiz with your child if you're not sure where to start.  Whether you want a toddler play space or a tweenager refuge, there's a look to suit all kids.

There's never been an easier way to give your child the room of their dreams, and with Dulux's Endurance+ paint being 20 times stronger than normal emulsion, the look will last and last.  No more worries about mucky paws and crayon scribbles on the walls.  Make some time to talk dreams with your kids and plan in that new bedroom creation weekend soon.

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