How to Prevent and Deal with Head Lice

With the school holidays nearly over, parents up and down the country are upping the ante in their back to school preparations.  New shoes fitted, uniform bought, pencil case and lunchbox updated, and everything organised for those hectic first days of the new term.  Whatever the next few weeks hold, one of the things parents will be dreading is the return of itchy heads and the constant battle to keep nits and head lice at bay.

Getting back into the school routine can be a headache, but dealing with pesky head lice is a nightmare.  Luckily, the head lice range from KIT & COCO promises to take the stress out of head lice and gives you a dream solution.  Their head lice and nit range utilises the unique qualities of coconut oil and rich botanic oil to deliver gentle yet effective prevention and treatment to help banish the little critters - for good.  But what can you do to prevent them in the first place?

Keep Long Hair Tied Up

Contrary to popular belief, head lice don't jump from one head to another, nor can they fly.  In fact, the only way head lice can be passed on through is head to head contact, which can easily happen working together at desks, during playground games, sharing hairbrushes, taking selfies with friends, or even when two hats or scarves touch on the communal coat rack.  Yep, away from hair, those ghastly critters can live for up to 12-24 hours.  Yuck!  One of the best ways to avoid catching them is by keeping your little one’s hair tied up in a ponytail, chignon, plait or bun.

Use a Protective Treatment

Perfect for school time or sleepovers, KIT & COCO's gentle protective spray or mousse is free from alcohol, parabens, silicone and insecticides, but provides 24 hour protection against lice.  Choose mousse or hair spray and get a fashionable stylish head band too!

Convinced that chemicals weren't necessary in the fight against head lice and nits, KIT & COCO were determined to find a solution using the best ingredients currently on the market.  The result of their work is a range of highly efficient formulae, including those important protectors, along with fun and cleverly designed accessories that protect the whole family from home to school!

But what can you do if the critters do get hold?  There's certainly no shame in it, in fact despite the old rumours about dirty hair, head lice don't really care, and would prefer clean hair to nest in.  Around 1 in 10 UK children are thought to be affected by head lice at any one time, with school children aged 4-11 the most vulnerable.  So how can you free those little heads from lice and nits?

Identify the Critters

Itching is often the first and most obvious symptom, but only 30% of children are aware of an infestation so it’s best to carry out a full hair inspection under good lighting on a regular basis.   Look for the white dot nits (the eggs) which are easier to spot.  Head lice can be tricky to spot as they move fast, but they especially like the nape of the neck and behind the ears as these are the warmest parts of the head. Improve your diagnosis skills by using KIT & COCO’s ultra-efficient fine toothed comb.

Act Fast

Lice multiply incredibly fast, producing around 10 eggs a day which will hatch in about seven days, so one small problem can escalate into a larger issue very quickly!   The KIT & COCO complete treatment kit includes everything you need to combat head lice and nits from treatment shampoo to a gentle ergonomic nit comb, applicator brush, protective shower cap - and a surprise treat for little ones!  Read on to see how you could win one...

So, how does a non-chemical treatment work?   Head lice are constantly adapting and becoming resistant to Pediculicides (chemical based insecticides), so the KIT & COCO plant-based formulae use active ingredients to totally eliminate head lice and nits (eggs) through asphyxiation, which head lice simply can’t develop a resistance to.   The treatment range utilises the fatty acids from coconut oil to clog the respiratory system of head lice, banishing the little pests for good.  The KIT & COCO 45 minute treatment is proven to be 100% effective against lice and nits.  Just as effective on adult heads, the added benefits of using natural products are added hydration and nourishment, leaving hair softer, shinier and happier than before.

The KIT & COCO range consists of four products:

Complete Treatment Kit: containing everything you need to combat head lice and nits, including four treatment shampoos, gentle ergonomic nit comb, applicator brush, protective shower cap and a surprise treat for little ones (making the whole experience just a little more enjoyable).  RRP: £15.75

Refill Pack: A cost-effective and handy refill pack of four treatment shampoos for those who already have the treatment kit.  RRP: £10.75

Protective Spray & Headband: A 24-hour protective spray with a stylish headband accessory.  RRP: £12.50

Protective & Hydrating Mousse: A protective mousse which protects and nourishes little heads for up to 24-hours.  RRP: £9.50

The KIT & COCO range is available to buy online at KIT & COCO or Amazon, and from independent pharmacies nationwide.  Follow KIT & COCO on Facebook for the latest news.

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