Peace of Mind with a Secure Smart Home

Being a mum can be tough! Keeping an organised home with happy children may be the goal, but sometimes it’s enough just getting through the day. Worrying about our children is a mother’s job; keeping them safe and out of harm’s way is always the top priority, but can be an overwhelming stress to many parents.

With the introduction of smart home technology, it is now easier than ever to protect your home and your precious family. Reducing anxiety as a result is always a welcome outcome, as mums have enough to worry about without constantly thinking about getting burgled.

Studies show that the psychological effects following a burglary can be traumatic, especially to children. Prevention is the key to keeping your home safe and protecting your children from such a potentially harmful event.

Psychological effects of a burglary on children (See more here)

The following smart home innovations are ways in which mums and dads can keep their homes less likely to be burgled, which will lead to increased peace of mind when it comes to family safety.

Protecting Your Home

1. Verisure Photo Detector

With a mini camera and built-in flash, this amazing detector enables the alarm to capture movements as colour image sequences. With the My Verisure app, the detector can also take images of your home whenever you like.

2. The Shock Sensor

This powerful sensor protects gates, doors and windows thereby keeping all access points around the house covered. The sensor is so powerful it can detect intrusions before they occur.

3. Perimeter Detector

This advanced detector allows even the outside of your home to be protected; a loud siren will be activated if anything out of the ordinary is picked up by the infra-red movement sensors.

Increasing Peace of Mind

1. My Verisure App

Even when you’re out, you’re covered. With this convenient app, you can activate and deactivate your home alarm, turn lights on and off and monitor your home from your phone. Mums are busy and constantly forgetting things, but with this amazing app if you forget to set the alarm, you can do it remotely!

2. Smart Keys

These keys are lifesavers! Your kids can safely and easily enter your house without memorising complicated codes or worrying about implementing them. They simply swipe the smart key upon entering, which will allow you to monitor who is going in or out. No spying necessary! This is perfect for children just old enough to travel to and from school on their own.

To keep up to date with valuable information on home security and smart home technology, visit the Verisure blog and read more. One of the most popular posts is What to do after a burglary which provides many helpful tips in case your home has been targeted.

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