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With over 3 million subscribers and rising, ChuChu TV is the world's most popular video site for young children, and has won a coveted YouTube Gold Play Button.  Offering a wide range of colourful animated videos which reinvent classic nursery rhymes and other new, original content, there is plenty for little ones to explore in a safe and fun environment.

Led by a familiar gang of characters, viewers aged 0 to 5 will find classic rhymes like Row Row Row Your Boat, Humpty Dumpty and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star reinvented with fun animations and an emphasis on early word recognition.  Each video includes the ChuChuTV characters, familiar lyrics, music, graphics and animation, and young viewers quickly embrace and come to love the concept.

Named after the owner's daughter, whose nickname is ChuChu, the whole creative team are very child-oriented and most of them have little ones at home who help inspire even better content.  With a strong moral belief, the team have altered some of the traditional rhymes to create an even greater positive impact on young minds.  With many of the team having a background in education and/or media the combination of their expertise shows in the fun, peppy content they create.

The original, fresh content and varied graphics mean there is plenty of variety in the videos so little ones won't get bored.  In fact, so dedicated are the team to keeping their content fresh and high quality, they have only made around 100 videos in their 30 months of operation.  But with everything done in-house, this business is set to grow and grow, with new content coming, such as the recently launched ChuChu TV Surprise channel.  This channel features a cast of colourful, animated eggs, along with the familiar faces of the original ChuChu TV YouTube channel.

With mobile technology, YouTube is instantly accessible all the time, so great for keeping little ones entertained on the go or at home.  As well as offering a host of nursery rhymes and entertaining content, the educational possibilities from ChuChu TV are also a real boon.  Videos such as those below are great for helping with early letter and word recognition and much more:

Nursery rhymes have always been an essential part of toddlerhood.  I can well remember reprimanding my mum when she tried to skip a page in our treasured Ladybird Books of Nursery Rhymes at bedtime!  Of course, reading together is never going to be beaten, but watching these fun interactive nursery rhyme videos with a carer, and sometimes on your own, is great fun too.  Little ones will love the hosts and characters who quickly become beloved friends, and parents will love the educational value which will helps boost children's literacy at this crucial early stage.  Click through to subscribe to the ChuChu TV YouTube channel and follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

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