Review: Brabantia Essential Rotary Dryer and their Love Nature Campaign #LoveNature

Despite having a small army of children and a constant round of washing and drying laundry, I resolutely refuse to use a tumble dryer.  I just don't get them, expensive to run, an environmental nightmare, and they make your clothes all dry, scratchy and smelly.  Yuck!  Regular readers know we're all about the natural way with most things, so a bit of a breeze and some sunshine is the ideal day to get those bloomers out on the line and drying the natural way.  So when Brabantia asked us to try one of their brilliant dryers and to tell you about their #LoveNature campaign too, we were very keen to take part.

Brabantia began their #LoveNature campaign last year and it resulted in 600,000 trees being planted!  By joining the natural drying gang, your purchase of a Brabantia Rotary Dryer or indoor dryer will see them plant one tree in the threatened Burkina Faso rainforest.  With a huge commitment so far, Brabantia aim to plant a MILLION trees over the next 12 months!!  So your commitment to drying your clothes naturally will have a global and environmental impact bigger than switching off that tumble dryer.  Great news all round!

Far from being a plant and run mission, the #LoveNature project has become deeply involved in the local community, encouraging people to care for the trees, collecting seeds and transforming the bare land back into fertile, biologically diverse and productive forest.  The forests of Burkina Faso are under threat from the national mining industry, which still relies on archaic techniques, and by slash-and-burn agriculture and tree-cutting for fuel to sustain a rapidly growing population.  This project is helping provide improved grazing areas for cattle, which gives them a better food sources, as well as supplying local women with the grass they use in traditional craft making, creating mats and baskets to sell at local markets.

So, what of the dryers themselves?  Brabantia offers a range of rotary dryers with different capacities, as well as the innovative Wallfix, which is effectively a dryer which pulls out from the wall.  Priced from £62, these dryers make laundry a breeze with their practical and well-designed structure.

We have been trying the Essential Rotary Dryer which takes up very little room in either your garden or when stored away, but has lots of space for drying laundry.  Opening up like an umbrella, which helps keep the high quality, UV-resistant washing line taut, it has plenty of drying space for a laundry load, as well as a specially designed arm-ends to hang clothes hangers from with your more delicate items on.  Ingenious details like this make the dryer a pleasure to use, with non-slip line for pegs to adhere to, a sturdy hanging loop for easy storage, a handy ground tube with closable cap, and a separately available weather resistant cover.  If you don't have concrete to place the dryer in, a 35 mm metal ground spike is available separately for sturdy anchorage.  Space efficient and easy to use, the Essential Rotary Dryer is available from

So, why should you dry your clothes naturally?

  • It gives your laundry a natural fragrance
  • It costs nothing, all that sunshine and breeze is free!
  • It's kinder to your clothes
  • It's better for the environment
  • If you buy a Brabantia dryer, you are panting a tree too!

Why not commit to ditching the tumble dryer today?
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