Tackling Eczema Week with Surcare

Finding products that work when you have eczema or very sensitive skin can be a nightmare.  Whether it's beauty products, cleaning products or laundry products, there's a high chance that there will be something in them that will irritate your skin and cause itching, a burning sensation or other reactions.  I am on a continual quest to find a great laundry range that gives outstanding results whilst also being non-irritating to our skin, and I may just have found one!

Surcare carries the British Allergy Foundation's seal of approval, and works closely with skincare specialists and eczema experts to create products that won't irritate sensitive skin.  Unlike many washing powders and liquids which contain potentially irritating perfumes, dyes and acids, Surcare is completely free from any added dyes and perfumes.  Their range is non-biological, meaning it doesn't contain enzymes, contains only ingredients that have been specially selected as suitable for sensitive skin, and is dermatologically tested and approved.

The products from the Surcare range we tried are the Sensitive Non-Bio Capsules and Sensitive Liquid Detergent which both offer outstanding cleaning performance, even at 30C, and the Sensitive Fabric Conditioner which gives an outstanding softening performance for up to 28 washes.  All the Surcare products aree perfume-free but they still smell great, and don't affect that lovely 'fresh from the line' smell you get when drying washing outdoors.  Did you know that a single fragrance can contain more than 600 synthetic chemicals, many of which could be potential allergens or irritants?  Thanks, but no thanks to scents!

With masses of washing to do every week, usually covered in a delightful combination of mud, juice drips, food marks, grass stains and more - if kids clothes are clean at the end of the day they haven't had fun is our philosophy! - finding products that work is just as important as finding ones that won't aggravate their skin.  Thankfully, these champions of sensitive skin are also champions of clean, and the Laundry Liquid gave outstanding results.  I was particularly worried about the Kate Mack pink swan tutu dress you see in the pictures, which had taken an ice cream, juice and chocolate cake battering at a party, but it came up as good as new.  Impressive!

The Laundry Capsules gave great results too and completely dissolved in the wash, with no residue or soapiness left, which is usually the reason I don't use capsules.  And all without the usual irritants of perfumes and dyes which can aggravate sensitive skin and eczema.  With all of us suffering from eczema at some point, although coconut oil usually keeps flare ups at a minimum, we are particularly careful with baby clothes, so I was pleased to read that Surcare is also suitable for laundering baby clothes.  Perfect for bay number four when the time comes!

Here are Surcare's tips for keeping those tricky eczema and sensitive skin flare ups at bay:
  • Prevent your skin coming into contact with irritants by washing new clothes before you wear them to remove any chemical residue from the manufacturing, transportation and storage processes.  Dependent on how sensitive your skin is, you may even have to do this more than once.
  • Avoid dry cleaning your clothes, but if you must, use a local 'green' dry cleaner who will use products with less chemicals in.  Once home, remove the clothing from the packaging immediately and let it air outside for a few hours.
  • Conventional fabric conditioners and dryer sheets are often the worst offenders for those with sensitive skin.  Try adding a cup of white vinegar to the wash to remove static, and a spoonful of baking soda to soften your clothes.
  • Never use bleach or chlorine to whiten your whites.  Rinse them in lemon juice and hang them on the line outside in the sun instead, it will do a much better job - the perfect solution to cloth nappy stains!
  • Try to wear only cotton fabrics and use pure cotton bed linens.  Synthetics and wool can cause irritation and itchiness.

Surcare is available from all major retailers.

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