This Month We Love... September 2016

We've had another busy toy-filled month, with a particular treat for Tatiana, and a sea of pastel blue and pink, it seems!  Although it was Lara that thought all her Christmasses had come at once when she received the new My Little Pony Explore Equestria Crystal Empire Playset!

Comments ranged from "oh, it's so shiny" to "look how happy the ponies are!" as the string of current residents were introduced to the new arrivals.  All three girls are huge fans of the MLP TV show, so to have their very own Princess Cadence and her foal, beautiful Baby Flurry Heart was a dream come true.  She even comes with a cute little bed to nap in.

This glamorous castle has a rotating light-up feature (cue curtains closed), and shows three cutie marks at the press of a button.  On the upper floor there is a rotating throne and secret cupboard containing precious crystals, and Cadence has a dress and tiara to wear, as well as a comb and other cute accessories.

Suitable from age 3+, the My Little Pony Explore Equestria Crystal Empire Playset is widely available, including from Argos, RRP £42.99.  (2 x AAA batteries required)

The girls have also been loving the new Lalaloopsy Princess Mittens Fluff''n'Stuff.  Lara started collecting the minis and the tinies (I think that's what they're called!) years ago, but this was only our second 'big' Lalaloopsy, and she has been very popular, not least because she resembles a certain ice princess who needs to just 'Let It Go'!

Like all Lalaloopsy dolls, she was sewn from an old piece of fabric, magically coming to life as her last stitch was sewn, in the case from an eskimo's scarf on 21st December, the first day of winter.  With her beautiful icy blue tutu, delicate colouring, rosy cheeks, snowflake styling and ice blue hair, she is the perfect winter princess.

We love her fun hair which sparkles with glitter, and her gorgeous outfit, but our favourite item is her cute little pet polar bear, complete with her own mini tiara - so cute!  With moveable arms and legs, Mittens stands at 33cm/10.5" tall and is suitable from ages 4 to 104, just adorable.  Widely available, she retails around £24.99.

So what was Tatiana so excited about, I hear you ask.  She got her very own balance bike!!  Having looked on wistfully for ages at her sisters racing around and seen other children with super balance bikes riding along the sea front, she has been hankering after one for a while.  I must confess we thought she was perhaps a little too small for one still, but Kiddimoto came to the rescue with their lovely Super Junior Balance Bike in girly pink, which is suitable from 18 months so suits her little legs perfectly.

When we told her what the box contained, Tatia was shaking with excitement to get into it - just look at that little face!  The super lightweight bike weighs just over 3kg, so is easy for little ones to pick up, and for parents to carry when the sea or playground calls.  Steve found it really easy to put together, and Tatiana was off out the door on it in no time.

SO proud of her new bike!

Sophia really enjoyed helping her get her balance and giving her little sister some tips on technique, and Tatia got the hang of it no time at all.  We love the lightweight steel frame which makes the bike easily manoeuvrable, the great construction, strong, wide tyres and comfy seat.  All the little construction features help engender confidence, and make the bike super easy to get to grips with and ride.  Tatiana loves it! The perfect introduction to a life of biking, and a great pre-pedal bike, perfect.

You can even be a super cool dude and relax in the sun with your wheels! Happy biking Tatia, and thanks Kiddimoto.

The Super Junior Balance Bike is available from priced £59.99, and other colours include red and black.  A range of accessories to pimp your rid, and safety helmets, are also available.

Look out for our favourite new things next month!

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