Review: Addis Mega Mop

I don't know about you, but cleaning the house with small people around feels rather worse than painting the Forth Road Bridge!  Never - bloomin' - ending...  I'm never going to live in a show home, I'm just not that way inclined, but even with the small effort I do make, it's gone in the 60 seconds it takes for these trainers to come through the door!  Thankfully, Addis have heard our parenting prayers and produced the brilliant new Mega Mop, making floors cleaner, cleaning easier, and parents happier in one fell swoop.  Yay!

With a mop head made from microfibre, the Mega Mop cuts through grease and grime in no time, using just water, making it very environmentally friendly - no more yucky detergents going into the water system.  The super soft fibres are gentle on hard floors, yet tough on dirt, attracting it like a magnet!  I must admit I was a little sceptical that just hot water was going to get mud, squashed Starburst residue and the remains of a cat fur ball (TMI sorry!!) off our hall floor, but it worked like magic and with very little effort or time required.

I was also impressed with how little water was left behind, although the cats were disappointed as they like to use the mopped floor as a race track to skid up and down afterwards.  The ultra absorbent microfiber leaves very little water behind, but also polishes and dries the floor as it goes, leaving behind a clean, dry, streak-free floor - the perfect time saver for busy mums.  (Sorry dads, research shows we're still doing the majority, alas.)

We loved how quick it was both to mop up the mess and have a dry, polished floor, meaning every clean was quick and easy, just what we need in a busy household like ours.  With home ed trips, continual rounds of country walks, play grounds, soft play, days out, farms, trips to the woods to build forts and explore, not to mention work, we need tools that are going to clean fast and do more than one job.  The Addis Mega Mop fits the bill.

I don't entirely know how this fabulous microfiber technology works, but work it does, attracting dirt like a magnet, trapping grime, then drying the floor to a streak free finish far faster than a traditional mop, meaning a faster clean time after time.  So more time to get outside and make more muddy memories, or do something muck-free indoors!

The Mega Mop works on ceramic, tiled, laminate, lino, and vinyl floors.

The Mega Mop head can be washed by hand, and replacement heads are available.  The mop retails at £6.99, a great price for something that makes a rather odious task easier and more effective!  A must-have for busy families.

Have a look at this video to see just how good it is:

The Addis Mega Mop is widely available, or online from Addis.

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