Sesame Street is Back! #SesameStreet

Calling all parents of a certain age!  Sesame Street, that much-loved colourful, educational escape of our childhood is BACK!

The long-running and multiple award-winning series* returns to the UK on Monday 7th November, only on preschool channel Cartoonito.  Tune in at 4pm to find out what our beloved characters, including Elmo, Big Bird, Bert and Ernie are up to.

The new series will have the familiar theme of helping young kids grow smarter, stronger and kinder through fun stories and sequences, with some new additions.  There will be a brand new hilarious segment featuring the Cookie Monster, as well as new opening and closing songs, an updated set and a new young cast member called Nina.

Over the years, Sesame Street has welcomed more than 500 celebrity visitors on to its hallowed cobbles, including David Beckham, The Simpsons, Nina Simone, Superman, Prince, the Star Wars droids and Katy Perry.  The new series does not disappoint, with the wonderful Alan Cumming taking a turn as “Mucko Polo”, the grouch explorer; Ne-Yo singing “You’ve Got a Body, So Move It!” and Nick Jonas singing “Check that Shape”.

Here's a sneak peek at all the fun to be had:

As ever, Sesame Street will focus on making learning meaningful and fun with engaging and original storylines, and an all round atmosphere that makes acquiring essential preschool knowledge enjoyable.

Sesame Street is back!  Tune in on Monday 7th November at 4pm - only on Cartoonito.  See you there!

While you're waiting here are a few fun facts about the show:

• Why the name Sesame Street? After a long search for a catchy name, one of the show's writers suggested “Sesame Street.” The word "sesame," an allusion to the fabled command from The Arabian Nights, "Open, Sesame!," suggested excitement and adventure. Since the show was set in an urban street scene, “Sesame Street” seemed an ideal combination.

• All of the Sesame Street Muppets™ have four fingers, except Cookie Monster, who has five.

• Although Big Bird is a curious 6-year old and Oscar is a Grouch, the two are identical on the inside. At age 80, Carroll Spinney has been both characters since 1969!

* Sesame Street is the longest running children’s show and has won the most awards of any TV show in history!  So far that's a grand total of 9 Grammys and 159 Emmys, as well as a Lifetime Achievement Emmy Award.

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