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If you've ever been in charge of the office whip round for a leaving gift, tried to get money in from a big group for theatre tickets or tried to raise funds for charity, you'll know what a headache it can be keeping track of it all.  Thankfully, one bright spark has come up with Leetchi, a brilliant new service that makes collecting money from friends, family and colleagues, or fundraising for good causes hassle-free.

Whether you're collecting for birthdays, leaving dos, baby showers, weddings, or fundraising for travel or initiatives to help your local community or the wider world, makes collecting money for anything and everything so much easier.  With its unique money pots idea, pooling money between friends or colleagues has never been easier.

It's Amy's birthday?  John is leaving the company?  Lisa and Matt are getting married?  Make sure you create an online money pot and buy them a beautiful group gift they won't forget!

It's the perfect way to raise money online for a memorial, a joint gift, a party and more, but Leetchi isn't just about spending.  What if you want to support your local community project, help a charity or do personal crowdfunding to get your own project off the ground?  Set up a money pot and ask everyone you know to contribute.  One group of users did just that, with fantastic results:

"To make our humanitarian project to Tibet a reality, we’ve created a money pot on Why? To raise money from our family, friends and other project supporters, quickly and easily. Mission accomplished, we’ve collected enough resources to build a school there!"

You can find many open money pots for charity fundraising on the Leetchi site.  These public money pots allow people to discover all the pots created by Leetchi users with the purpose of supporting charitable causes, non profit organisations as well as personal projects.  The most interesting public money pots are promoted on the homepage, free of charge, to increase their visibility and help collect more funds.

With Millennials being nearly twice as likely to give to charity as those aged 55+, but at the same time losing faith in large charity organisations as they fear much of their money will be lost to admin and other expenditure, it is vital that new avenues to charitable giving are opened.  Many would prefer to give directly to an individual in need, or to donate to a specific project, than to give to a larger charity.  Leetchi makes collecting for such projects and causes easier than ever.

CĂ©line Lazorthes, CEO and founder of the Leetchi Group (the aforementioned bright spark), commented:

"Charity organisations need to encourage transparency in how their funds are spent, particularly as today we have the ability to donate to specific causes in a matter of minutes from our phones...  With the trust in UK charities at a record low, people are relying on donation-based crowdfunding to help fulfil fundraising targets and remove charities from the equation all together. Millennials are an extremely generous generation, however, they are also very money-savvy and aware that direct donations to individuals are the best way to ensure their money is being donated to the cause that they want it to."

Leading European money collection platform has now launched in the UK and hopes to build on its 6 million satisfied users here.  Whether you are fundraising, collecting for a gift or collating money to pay for a trip or event, the easy to use service will make it easier.  Chasing friends for money is one of the biggest bugbears and often leads to writing off cash and even ruining friendships, according to a recent study.  With Leetchi's easy, fast and secure money collection service these issues are eradicated and problems averted.

Leetchi is available in four languages, French, English, German and Spanish, and people can contribute to money pots from over 150 countries.  As Rebecca found, anyone can chip in, wherever they are based, for a baby shower gift:

"In two weeks I’m organising a baby shower for my sister Jane. I’ve decided to create a money pot on to throw a party as well as buy all the indispensable baby items: clothes, buggy, changing table etc. I’ve managed to contact all the family and friends and asked them to chip in. Even people living abroad were able to contribute! It’s really easy and convenient to collect money from a group on!"

Whether you are pooling money for a group gift or event, fundraising or trying to finance a project, Leetchi is the ideal way to ask friends, family and even the general public to contribute.  In just a few clicks you can create a personalised money pot and invite people to chip in via their bank card.  Once the required money has been raised, users can spend their money pot as they please: online at partner sites such as Amazon with no fee, by offering the money pot to a beneficiary, or asking for a bank transfer, for a small fee.

The most popular money pots are used for group gifting on occasions such as weddings, birthdays and baby showers; for organising events (hen/stag dos, leaving dos), for launching personal projects and for raising charitable donations. gets those funds raised, and saves you time and energy.  Win win!

I'll leave the last words to a very happy Lisa:

"For my husband’s 40th birthday I decided to organise a money pot on as I was in lack of creative gift ideas. I’ve invited all his friends and relatives to chip in for a common gift. I must admit that everyone loved the idea of using Leetchi service, as it was very convenient and easy to use. It saved them time gift shopping. In the end 60 people contributed to the group fund, making it £1500 total. I gave the money pot to my husband asking him to choose the gift himself. All I can say is that we’ve spent a lovely long weekend in Las Vegas!"

You can find out more at and on their Facebook and Twitter feeds.

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