This Month We Love... November 2016

November already?!  Where has the year gone???  Here's what we're loving this month...

We're getting ready for the festive season ahead with the fun An Elf for Christmas kit.  With his friendly face, festive outfit, long legs and mischievously long arms, this Christmas Elf is perfectly for getting up to all kinds of mischief in your home. Coming direct from the North Pole, he will be keeping an eye out for Father Christmas and comes with two letters to the big man himself, Nice List certificates and letters from the elf.  All you have to do is supply the mischief!  (P.S. the elf can be bought separately if, like us, you don't do all the reward & punishment stuff.)

A lovely book about elf's adventures is also available, follow our miniature hero as he embarks on a quest to find a loving home in the run up to Christmas.  He flies through the night sky from the North Pole, looking for the perfect home and finally meets a little girl and boy who can't wait to wecome him into their home.  Very sweet.

The annual Children In Need fundraiser is happening next week, and one way you can help is by buying this new DVD featuring all our favourite CBeebies characters.  With a great collection of much-loved characters and 15 favourite episodes, this would be an ideal DVD to take to granny's over the holidays, or for a quick zonk during littlies' downtime.

Pudsey Bear has got all of his CBeebies friends together to star in more than 3 hours of top entertainment, including Charlie and Lola, Mike the Knight, Bing and the Octonauts.  A minimum of £2 from the sale of each BBC Children In Need - Pudsey & Friends DVD will go to Children in Need, helping children and young people across the UK have a safe, happy and secure childhood and the chance to reach their potential.

In a house full of slightly doll-obsessed girls, Baby Annabell is a favourite; you may remember our Day in the Life... feature from earlier in the year.  Now Tatiana is at an age where she can look after her own baby, we were delighted to receive the new Baby Annabell doll - now we have three so there can be no more arguments, I say hopefully...

The new Baby Annabell Doll has an extra function: she now wets too.  Just press the heart on her tummy and she will wet her nappy or wee in the potty.  How happy this can make small children is one of life's eternal mysteries, but they love it!  Baby Annabell I such a great doll for mini mummies and daddies as she is weighted just like a real baby, has an adorably cute face, and makes great noises when she drinks water, sleeps, cries and giggles.  Ours LOVE her.  The perfect Christmas present!

In the kitchen, we have been trying out the new range of Capsicana sauces, a fantastic range of Latin American cooking sauces, with not a refried bean, gloopy guacamole or dodgy chilli con carne in sight!  Latin American food is very cool right now but, despite the number of outlets offering authentic flavours at festivals, gourmet food trucks and in high street restaurants, finding authentic Latin American sauces in the supermarket is impossible.  Step forward Capsicana

With just three delicious sauces in the range so far, Capsicana Latin American Cooking Sauces are perfect for anyone wanting to try a new authentic and delicious flavour from the region.  Inspired by three different countries, Peru, Brazil and Mexico, these chilli-infused sauces work with both meat and vegetables, and you can find lots of inspiration on the packs and on the website.  Each 100g pack contains two servings, and can be on the table in just 20 minutes - who needs take out?!

Capsicana sauces are available from Waitrose, Whole Foods and Amazon.

Lastly, we have been trying the new vegetarian range from Heck foods.  This Yorkshire company are well known amongst carnivores, but have expanded their range to cater for vegetarians and vegans.  The Nuts About Cheese sausages are delicious, perfect for an easy dinner, and we love the Gourmet Goat's Cheese Burgers which aren't too goat's cheesy but full of flavour.  Our favourites are the Super Greens Balls which have a hint of ginger and work beautifully with salads, noodles and in pitta sandwiches.  Yum!

The Super Greens Balls are vegan, and none of the range contains 'fake meat' or soy, just lots of good for you ingredients like quinoa, chia seeds and flax, plus lost of super-food vegetables.  The Heck vegetarian range is available from Waitrose and the Heck website.

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