Creating Secret Life of Pets Beds with Energizer®

When Energizer got in touch and asked us to think about making magical beds for some of the girls' toys, their imagination went into overdrive.  Virtually every toy they own, whether cuddly, dolly or animal, has a lengthy back story and complicated life as part of their vast toy family, so coming up with ideas of how to entertain them in a magical bed was no problem.  Butterflies was the way to go on the decoration front, but maybe with a few dinosaurs thrown into the mix too...

Energizer kindly sent us an array of crafty bits, and the girls quickly got stuck in. Literally.  We had a selection of boxes available and once they had chosen their box they were off, with pens, glue sticks, stickers, dinosaurs and butterflies aplenty.

Our three craft mavens were in their element, and had wonderful ideas about what exactly they wanted to do.  They were especially pleased to receive some Secret Life of Pets cuddlies to 're-home' and put extra effort into thinking what their cat/dog/bunny might need from their respective homes.  If you would like to get your hands on your own cuddly character, Energizer® has teamed up with Secret Life of Pets to give you the chance to win a plush toy.  Just pick up a special promotional pack from major participating retailers to enter.

With a little help, Tatiana finished hers first and was particularly delighted with her creation, whilst her sisters carried on toiling and perfecting.  I love seeing them complete open ended tasks like this as it is a great way to gauge their progress and also to see how wonderful their creative ideas are.  Sophia had chosen the biggest box we had, and did get a bit fazed part way through, but she was happy to put her new cuddly friend in her den to sleep.

Lara chose a shoe box and spent ages carefully planning out and perfecting her design, before putting it on the box.  She even lined it carefully with tissue paper so it would be more comfortable for her pet.

And, lo and behold, who should we find in it after we had put the bed to one side for the glue to dry, but a real cat!  Taya is very impressed with her new bed.  Thanks sister!

We loved creating these fun pet beds, and when night time comes we can light them up with these brilliant Energizer® Magnet Lights, which clip on to flat surfaces, such as your lapel - or cardboard pet bed box!

Thanks to Energizer® for providing everything we needed for this activity.

Energizer® are powering family time with their brilliant range of batteries and headlamps ready for your very own adventures, even in the front room!

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