Our New Year's Resolutions

Following my post about New Year's resolutions on Monday, a few people have asked if we make them and what ours are.  Well as you can imagine I don't bother with the whole lose x amount of weight, go to the gym more etc etc.  We do need to heed our own advice though on the meal planning front as that has rather gone by the wayside recently and, for one reason or another, we have ended up in a bit of a food rut.  We have moved away from the French-style eating we were following before and relied way too much on old staples and favourite meals.  Must try harder!

As well as eating better, we need to get back into the habit of a daily walk.  The perfect way to spend time together as a family, connect with each other, connect with nature, and get some exercise and fresh air.  This one has slipped because time has been sucked into working (the joys of working from home!) and prioritising other things like domestic chores over what actually matters.  Very silly.  I definitely need to get better at limiting work time, tough when it's at home and always there in front of you or playing on your mind, but absolutely necessary.  (More thoughts on that to follow.)And as for the rest, well, who really cares about housework?!

Whilst I'm limiting work and making time for that daily walk, I also want to make time to read more.  Last year I think I only managed about ten books, so definitely need to up the ante this year.  I have such a backlog!

Our final two resolutions were made by the girls, with Sophia wanting to go to church more (she plans to be a vicar) and Lara wanting to go to the theatre more.  She loves the theatre and, having been three times in December, is keen to go much more often this year.  Chip off the old block there!  I certainly won't complain about that one.

Yumi jumpers from a selection of kids knitwear at House of Fraser

So, if you spot us this year we'll be donning our woollies and heading out for a walk, or to the theatre or church, then heading home for a healthy, delicious, well-planned meal!

Let me know how your New Year's resolutions are going, and don't miss our Choose Happy posts!

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