Planning a New Nest

One of our biggest plans for this year is to save like very busy monkeys so that we can move to a new home.  Although our flat has served us well over the past decade, even I have to admit we have now reached our limit in terms of altering, accommodating and rearranging in order to fit everyone and everything in!  Now all we have to do is find a vast quantity of money so that we can move - easier said than done, of course!

I have absolutely no idea how all the 25 year olds on Phil & Kirstie and such like have the deposit and mortgage for half a million pound houses, we mere mortals are far from that position, but we will manage somehow.  Having taken into consideration our wants and needs, we have settled on an area, a fairly vast area, that would suit us.  After much perusing of property websites a pattern is emerging, and the market is brisk.  However, we may be in luck as I think our criteria for the perfect house is rather different to most people's.

Our requirements start on the outside, no views of other houses, lots of countryside/sea/woodland, and a (very) large garden.  The house is pretty much secondary to all that.  The girls have already drawn up a garden wish list: trampoline, mud kitchen, climbing frame, Wendy house, water wall, vegetable patch and more.  Space for dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, people and possibly goats, is also a top priority.

Once we have achieved all the outside requirements, what of the house itself?  A playroom definitely, plus a large enough bedroom for a huge family bed, and that's about it!  Of course, there are other 'would love to haves', such as a kitchen large enough for a big table, a walk-in pantry/larder, lots of space, oh and it must have lots of light.  Having lived with large windows, all facing south, for all this time, we definitely wouldn't cope well with north-facing darkness.

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Not overly fussy then.  We have managed perfectly well in the small space we have and, although a couple of extra rooms would be a bonus, we're not desperate for ten bedrooms all en suite.  Somewhere for guests to stay, space for us, space to learn, to play, to have fun, that's all we really need.  After all, what makes a house a home?

Happiness, laughter, children playing, their art work on the walls, their toys and crafts scattered around, comfort and relaxation, throws, cushions, mementoes of travels and memories, baking aromas, the scent of flowers or candles, shelves of books, cats purring in the sunshine, and all of that we will bring with us.  Put us in a reasonable box with walls and a roof, and we'll be fine.  Just make sure we can hear the birds singing outside and see nature and light all around.

Home sweet home.  The perfect living space for us.

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