Easy Healthy Eating with Sainsbury's

Cutting back on carbs is one of the easiest ways to lose weight, as long as you are eating plenty of vegetables to keep fibre levels up.  The bonus is that vitamin levels are boosted and that sluggish feeling you get after eating too many high-carb foods is gone.  It started with the ubiquitous spiraliser in 2014-15, but the big supermarkets are doing their bit to make cutting the carbs even easier and more convenient.

Sainsbury's new extended range of carb alternatives includes broccoli rice, courgette 'spaghetti' and butternut lasagne slices.  Perfect for anyone wanting to cut back on carbs and include more vegetables in their diet without compromising on good food, they would also be useful for convincing veg-averse kids to try something new.

Our girls are good eaters and rack up more than the expected 5 portions of fruit and veg, but of course it's always good to try something new and include even more veggies!  After a walk on the beach, Sophia and Tatiana joined Steve for a breakfast of butternut 'squaffles', with fried or poached egg and wilted spinach, and all declared it delicious.  These criss cross cut slices of butternut squash are simply roasted in the oven (tip: put a teaspoon of oil in the bag and give them a shake rather than trying to add it in the tray).  They worked really well for brunch, but would be great as a side for lunch or dinner too.

Following the success of the squaffles, we tried the butternut squash crinkle cut chips with veggie burgers and halloumi the next day.  I'm afraid we didn't ditch the buns, but they were wholemeal, full of seed ones.  To be honest, I'm not sure I would ditch carbs altogether, no mater what the clean eating movement tell us, but when it's things like wholegrains or brown rice, in small portions, I think we're OK.  The butternut squash crinkle chips were nicely caramelised and very tasty by the way.

The last product we tried was the sweet potato tagliatelle, which looked the least appealing to me I must admit.  Essentially shredded sweet potatoes, I was left wondering why someone wouldn't just pop a whole sweet potato in the oven as it would be more versatile and interesting, but Steve and Lara decided to whip up a batch of tomato sauce to serve with it for a quick and easy dinner.

I suppose that is the main thing though, the convenience.  Although the 'swagliatelle' was intended for microwave cooking, an appliance we don't have or use, Steve popped it in boiling water for a couple of minutes.  With the tomato sauce it was fine, but probably not one we would try again.  We will definitely buying the squaffles and butternut squash crinkle cut chips again, as the girls and the grown-ups enjoyed both.

Butternut squaffles, sweet potato tagliatelle and butternut squash crinkle cut chips are available from Sainsbury's stores nationwide, priced £1.25 per pack.  Other carb alternatives such as courgette lasagne slices and cauliflower rice are also available, priced from £1.00.  Convenient healthy eating at a reasonable price.

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