Our Unschooled Week #2

Well, I'm a bit glad to have got to the end of this one!  Suffice to say it has not been our greatest week.  Lara's SPD/ASD is always worse in the few days leading up to a new moon, and so it has been this week.  I won't bore you with the details, but it is really hard work and very wearing.  Anyway...

So, Sunday was mostly playing, especially lots of LEGO with Daddy.  Lara has had several of the LEGO Friends sets as gifts, or saved up for them, and is now creating her own buildings for Heartlake City, with a whole back story and on-going storyline for all the characters.  Her prodigious memory continues to amaze us.

Monday and Tuesday I was working and Steve was in charge but, not being the most organised of people, he hadn't prepared much and things went a bit haywire!  (Anyone else feel like they're the main home edder and OH is just an occasional stand in?! 😉)  They did go out to the beach, of course, and did some floating and sinking experiments with prediction and recording results, plus a bit of number work, such as puzzles etc.  They did make pizzas from scratch for dinner though, so I can't complain too much!

Wednesday started with Tatiana having a bit of an explosive bottom (sorry if TMI!) and feeling very sorry for herself, plus I had a stonking migraine for the first time in ages.  So we reluctantly had to cancel a home ed meet we were going to.  Lara played LEGO with Steve again, whilst the other two constructed and performed a short play about mummies and babies; Tatiana was Elsa, of course.  In the afternoon, we ventured to the beach and tried to ignore the rain clouds that were threatening again, before snuggling up on the sofa to watch the first part of Art of France on iPlayer.  The Sainte-Chapelle was duly added to the girls' list of places to visit in Paris.

The end of the week was better, and mostly focused on animals again.

Sophia is still fascinated by kangaroos, so we found out more about how they live and what they eat, and looked at the geographical features of Australia on the globe and a map.  We talked about Pangaea and looked at how the land masses would have fitted together, then found a video clip that demonstrated the break up.  We looked at where the fault lines are and talked about earthquakes and volcanoes.  Must get some more books on those subjects.

We had fun matching 25 animals and their tracks with this new set of cards from Laurence King.  The girls were fascinated by the different bone structures of the animals' feet, their toes and claws and where there would and wouldn't be skin.  We even learnt what an echidna is!  Match a Track: Match 25 Animals to Their Paw Prints is available for pre-order now, RRP £12.99

Lara continued her interest in habitats and animal behaviour from last week, adding in questions about camouflage and adaptation, so we looked at polar bear facts, such as their black skin and big feet, and how those adaptations benefit them.  We also watched documentaries on leopards and lions and talked about how their behaviours differed.  We then had areas of the bedroom set up for some different Schleich big cats, so their behaviour could be studied by a team of scientists and their camera crew (Barbies).

With an investigation of how hearts work, and why they speed up and slow down beating, another week is at an end, oh and plenty of this:

See you next week!

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