This Month We Love... February 2017

Hi, hope you've had a great month. Here's what we've been loving this month...

We've been wondering how to organise the 953 Barbies/Frozen/Disney/assorted other dolls the girls have, plus all their outfits and various accoutrements, furniture etc.  As well as kitting out a couple of dolls' houses, these people need holiday furniture, and to change their d├ęcor regularly, so we have multitudes of this stuff to stash!  Thankfully, this new storage unit from Rattan Direct is perfect for storing anything that isn't currently in the dolls' houses, and it looks nice in the playroom area too.

Made with a strong solid hardwood mahogany frame and five spacious rattan basket drawers, there is plenty of room in this storage unit for toys, clothes or assorted bits and bobs, whatever your needs.  We love that it looks like a proper piece of furniture, not just clunky storage.  The unit stands at 126cm tall, and retails at £298 from Rattan Direct (now on offer at £149).

A lot of young children's activity books follow the usual blue or pink paradigm, and many are film or TV character-led, so to find something unisex, bolder and more exciting is great.  These brightly coloured activity books for toddlers include attractive graphics which help make learning about transport and animals fun and easy.  They are unique and engaging activity packs for pre-schoolers, great for a family activity or one-to-one with your pre-schooler.

Each activity book contains three fold-out posters, a colouring book and 40 stickers.  They can display the completed posters on the wall, then colour, draw and puzzle in the activity booklet.  In Animal Activities, they will learn about colours and animal sounds, match babies to their parents, and give them dinner by adding the stickers.  Whilst in Transport Activities, pre-schoolers can learn about noisy vehicles, and all things that fly, float and go.

These books are perfect for Tatiana, and we love their non-gendered format, and striking illustrations.  Show + Tell: Transport Activities and Show + Tell: Animal Activities are widely available, priced £6.99 each.

Get your junior chefs cooking up some fun with the new Play-doh kitchen range, which includes this fun Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Sizzlin' Stovetop.  The stovetop makes sizzling sounds whilst you 'cook', just place the frying pan or saucepan on the burners.  When Play-Doh food is added to the pan, the sizzle gets louder, just like with real cooking.

Kids can make a fun Play_Doh meal using the stampers and moulds to make some fun food, then use the two pans, spatula and tongs to cook, before serving up your creation on the plates provided.  We love the range of colours provided and the fun stove.  Tatiana and Sophia are going to have great fun with this!  Perfect for any mini-masterchef.

See you next month!

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