Aardman Celebrity Dusty Ducks at WWT Arundel (WWT London Next!)

Wondering what our Silent Sunday photo was all about last week?  Well, the famous Aardman Studios designed Dusty Duck to celebrate WWT’s 70th anniversary last year, and asked 14 celebrities to design their own special Dusty.  Celebs from Autumnwatch, CBeebies, CBBC and more helped create their own special Dustys, from space to diver, pirate to superhero, and even Chris Packham's wonderful Ziggy Stardusty, as seen on Sunday.

The Celebrity Dusty Duck Trail has just finished at WWT Arundel, and will soon be heading to WWT London Wetland Centre as part of their Easter celebrations.  Dusty and his 14 six-foot-tall celebrity friends will be on display at the centre from Saturday 1st April to Sunday 21st May, so put a date in your diary for a visit over the Easter holidays.  Let Dusty and friends guide you round the beautiful grounds of the Barnes centre, and during April you can also take part in the GIANT Duck Hunt (until 17th April).

Here are the Celebrity Dusty Ducks when we saw them at WWT Arundel recently:

Justin Fletcher's Pirate Justy Dusty

Not forgetting the real stars of the WWT show, of course, Dusty's real life cousins:

Joanna Lumley's Absolutely Fabulous Dusty

We love Camouflage Dusty's teeth!

Star of the Show? Chris Packham's Ziggy StarDusty

Hawaiian Dusty to celebrate Sir Peter Scott's famous rescue of the Nene from extinction

My second favourite: Michael Strachan's beautiful spring and wildlife filled Dusty

The Aardman Celebrity Dusty Duck Trail runs at WWT London Wetland Centre from Saturday 1st April to Sunday 21st May.

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