Our Unschooled Week #5

Oh my gosh, I'm all over the place at the moment!  Intended to post this on Saturday and it's now Monday, eek!
So, um last week...

Another day, another beach. This time East Head where there are glorious sand dunes, salt marsh and lots of wildlife.  The girls love exploring the environment and bird-spotting here, and Lara tried her hand at takins some photos too.

We talked about the different colours in the sand, the shifting sand dunes and coastal change

On Monday, we went to Paulton's Park/Peppa Pig World for Lara's birthday day, and had a brilliant time, despite getting caught in a rather fabulous hail storm.  In the evening, Lara checked us in to our hotel by herself and ordered dinner for herself and her sisters in the restaurant.  It's only an hour away from us, but why not treat yourselves to a hotel once in a while 😉

On Tuesday, we went to Furzey Gardens in the New Forest, where Sophia explained the difference between horses and donkeys to Tatia, we searched for fairies and told stories about fairies, smurfs and trolls.

The girls played in the ramparts and talked about the benefits of fortified Norman and Medieval castles versus motte and bailey castles, and why.  It was one of those conversations that made me wish I had secret recording devices for!

Back home later in the week, we were back to Egyptology, watching the second and third parts of Treasures of Ancient Egypt on iPlayer, followed by starting the prep for our history trip to Stonehenge and Avebury later in the month.  A lovely big delivery of maths equipment had arrived too, so we played lots of games with that and did some workbook work.

Lara found a set of London fridge magnets we've had for ages and created a display on our smaller fridge.  They get re-arranged most days according to different criteria.  We've had timelines, transport/people/communication, and architectural styles so far.  Quite impressed that a just 7 year old can identify elements of Neo-Classical design!

We mostly 'took the day off' on Saturday, apart from baking flapjacks and cupcakes, and doing lots colouring and drawing.  Sophia was very proud of creating these flapjacks all by herself!

Have a good week, whatever you are learning.

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