Our Unschooled Week #7

To be honest, I'm not sure what I'm going to tell you about this week.  We've had a bit of a week off, busy doing nothing.  No-one felt much like any formal learning, the girls were far too busy with the most important job of childhood: playing.  So of course, not nothing.  Long, involved games with complicated scenarios and complex characterisation, acting out life.  Busy, busy, busy.

I found myself wondering, what do school children do when they have weeks like this?  Adults get to have duvet days or phone in sick to swap the office for something more interesting: reading, sleeping, daytime telly 😏. Well, you know.  But what do children do?  I suppose they have to pitch up to school anyway, regardless of mood or desire, every day.  And so our 'living for the weekend' culture begins.

Lara's version of a duvet day!

Not here, thankfully.  And of course there has been more going on than I think.  We've walked, a lot.  We've talked, even more.  We've played, lots and lots and lots.  LEGO, crafts, dolls, make believe, dressing up.

We've had picnics, fed ducks, practiced taking photos, watched films, baked, cooked, played on and explored one beach or another every day.

In between, we've talked about 2-D shapes, telling the time, sounds, letters, calendars, the layers and composition of skin, the planets, lifecycles, food chains and much more.  Not one word written down though, just chat and play.  So in conventional terms, we've done nothing.

Our only recorded learning?  We did some colour sorting, we made some charts, we learnt about Venn diagrams, we discovered Sid the Science Kid on Netflix, more charts, lots of great mathematical language.  And maths is fun.

Painting, making, playing, designing, drawing, soft play, walking, running, skipping, gardening, busy doing nothing.

All free, all busy, all happy, doing 'nothing'.

See you next week, when we may or may not be back to normal!

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