Review: Beldray 3-Step Stepladder

There are some things every home needs: something to clean the loo, somethingone to clean the oven, a good step ladder, a bath plug, dish cloths.  These aren't glamorous or gorgeous (unless you employ a funky fireman to clean your oven maybe), they're not going to top your 'exciting new home purchases' list, but they are essential.  Having lived with a rather rickety, flimsy and tinny cheap stepladder for a decade, I'm the first to recommend getting yourself a good one!

Whether you are cleaning, doing DIY or just trying to get up in a top cupboard, a sturdy, steady step ladder is just what you need to do the job properly - and safely.  Conforming to stringent EU safety standard EN14183, the Beldray 3-Step Stepladder has a strong steel structure, safe for adults to use up to 150kg.

It has robust legs and wide non-slip steps which hold more of the foot than some ladders, making it even safer to use.  I don't know about you, but I want to feel completely safe climbing a ladder, particularly when everyone else is out and I am home doing the Christmas wrapping, dashing up and down to the 'Christmas cupboard'.

With a reach height of approximately 2.5m, there is no need to stretch or struggle when working, dusting or cleaning.  When open the ladder stands at 105cm, making it easy to store items away in hard to reach cupboards and spaces, as well as giving you access to change light bulbs, or complete DIY jobs.

The anti-slip feet are safe and secure, perfect on wooden or laminate floors, and with an open width of just 70cm it is suitable for small spaces.

When not in use, the Beldray stepladder folds neatly away.  It actually folds completely flat unlike many stepladders, and is lightweight, portable and easy to manoeuvre with its attached handle.  This compact fold out stepladder fits in even the narrowest of storage spaces due to its completely flat fold

Versatile, safe and comfortable to use, this is the best stepladder we've come across, perfect for a variety of tasks throughout the home, and it folds away to fit neatly in even the smallest of cupboards for easy storage and convenience.

The Beldray 3-Step Stepladder is available from Amazon priced £34.99.

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