Review: Beldray Large Caddy - Perfect for DIY, Crafts, Hobbies, Cleaning & Car

We do love a good bit of storage here at Attachment Towers, mostly in the vain hope that a heavy dose of organisation will transform our lives, but also because it just makes sense to store things properly.  I'm a firm believer in a place for everything and everything in its place, I just need to use my super powers to convince Steve that this is a good idea too...  This brilliant Large Caddy from Beldray is doing the job for me at the moment though, as he is so in love with the product he's bought two more!

Number one has been put into service in the car, where the sturdy compartments keep oil and other yucky car products upright, preventing spillages, and containing leaks if they should happen.  The central divider makes two spacious compartments, meaning there is plenty of room for any other bits we may need too, and it fits neatly behind one of the rear seats in the car.  With all seven seats up there isn't a huge amount of space at the back of a Ford Galaxy, and we had been struggling to find a suitable container that fitted, but this does the job perfectly.  The clip down lids keep everything safe and secure.  (Excuse the rather sandblasted appearance of our car interior, this workhorse is permanently covered in sand, mud, grass etc etc!)

Perfect for a variety of uses, such as storing cleaning products, DIY items, hobbies etc, this portable caddy offers a handy all-in-one storage solution.  Easy to carry with its strong central handle, it would be perfect for taking out into the garden with dibber, trowel, seeds etc in; for carting cleaning products from room to room, or to contain all the necessary bits and bobs for a decorating job or many other uses.

We've been using one for craft supplies and are amazed at how much it can hold.  We've actually done away with some of our other arts and crafts storage and gone over to this, but below is how it was set up for an art lesson we did a few weeks ago.  You can see just how much space there is with these few supplies languishing in the bottom!

Now I've got all of the poster paint, pastels etc in one, and it's great because you can see at a glance what's in it through the clear plastic sides, plus there is no danger of spills or mess because it's all contained.  The lid clips firmly shut for safe storage, plus little toddler fingers can't quite open it yet, so there is no danger of bright red paint all over the floor and sofa!

This security and safety means it is also ideal for storing cleaning products in, freeing up lots of other space around the home.  As it's so easily portable, we no longer need a selection in both kitchen and bathroom, the caddy moves everything easily from room to room and outside, as required.

We don't use many products, but as you can see we have both cleaning product and laundry products in there, and there is still plenty of room for more.  At 36cm high, most cleaning product bottles will easily fit in too.  I saw on Amazon that someone who has a cleaning business is using these caddies for transportation of product, and is really pleased with them, so they obviously stand up to be carted around a lot more than we are doing in one home.  Perfect for moving products around without the danger of spillage or them getting into little hands or paws, or going astray.  You can see just how much could fit in here:

The Beldray Large Caddy measures 38cm L x 35cm W x 36cm H cm and has two spacious compartments divided by a central handle. Compact and convenient, it is also easily stackable saving you lots of space, whilst conveniently revealing contents as it is made from clear plastic. Ideal for home, shed, garage, car, university or work, it fits into cupboards or empty nooks and crannies, the back of your car, under your work bench and anywhere else.  Great value for money at £14.99 RRP (currently £11.99 on Amazon) and is available from Amazon, Robert Dyas, Argos, Tesco online or direct from Beldray.

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