Review: New Spring Wardrobe from George at Asda

These girls seem to grow at an exponential rate and are getting through clothes at a rate of knots, so we were delighted to be sent a lovely selection of outfits from the new spring range at George a few weeks ago.  Featuring favourite characters like Paw Patrol and Shimmer & Shine, they were very well received, and you have probably noticed them cropping up in photos recently.

Shimmer and Shine is HUGE in our house at the moment, so Sophia was delighted with this top and jeggings combo.  The jeggings are a bit tricky to put on by herself as they are very tight in the ankle, but she's been practicing and it has become her second favourite outfit, which means lots of washing and wearing as soon as it's dry.  The fabric and the print are standing up remarkably well so far, and this cute Nahal character which lives in the pocket is very popular.

But Sophia's favourite outfit is this stunning black and white striped dress, which is just her style.  I love that all three have very distinct styles and likes/dislikes in clothes, with Sophia's taste being a bit retro with a yen for 1940s and '50s influences, like peplums, flared skirts, slightly more formal dresses etc.  So this rather Gallic-looking dress is perfect.  She loves it!

Tatiana, by contrast, likes anything pink, purple or with a beloved character on it, so this beautiful swimming costume scored on both levels.  She can't wait to get in the pool in this one!

Pink + flowers = also very good in the toddler clothing evaluation book!  This cute dress has a soft jersey top and cotton skirt with netting under, giving it the style Sophia loves, so I think we may be investing in another one of these.  I love it when they wear the same clothes, I must admit, very cute!

Tatia's other choices are these character-emblazoned outfits, featuring two of her favourite programmes: Paw Patrol and Shimmer and Shine.  Just look at that cheeky face!  With these friends to entertain her, she's in her element!  And we're happy too as they seem to emerge from the wash invincible, no matter how much mud/grass/glue/paint/Play-doh/pen/food has been thrown at them.

Clothes from a range at George, available in most Asda stores and online.  Prices start at £8.

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