Download Ballerina This Weekend for an Easter Treat! #Ballerina

"Never give up on your dreams!" is the message of the fun-filled animated adventure Ballerina, released on digital download and physical release this Easter weekend.  It may seem small fry to some, but for a self-confessed Luddite like me, conquering the complications of our Smart TV is a bit of a dream!  So when I was asked to complete the digital download of Ballerina, I was in a bit of a flap.  Turns out, it's dead easy, even for Luddites - and ballerinas!

Just follow this step by step guide and you'll be able to download Ballerina as soon as it pirouettes onto digital release on Good Friday, 14th April.  Now, this may seem a bit too 21st century especially if, like me, you still sometimes call DVDs 'videos'  (ssshh), but it really is easy.  And the best thing about digital download is that you get to see the film at home before the Blu-ray or DVD is released, and you can keep it forever, without any risk of damage or loss.  Win win!

OK, so what is a digital download?  Essentially it means purchasing a film as a non-physical copy in the comfort of your own home.  It will then be stored on your device, or download service, to watch any time.  To download, just grab any device with internet access, such as your laptop, tablet, smartphone, Smart TV, or home entertainment system such as Sky Box, BT Box or TiVO.  (You may have small ballerinas squeaking, have you done it yet, Mummy?!)

Once your device is working, locate a suitable online store, such as iTunes, Amazon Video, Google Play, Sky Store or others.  We're Amazon Prime subscribers, so can use that service for downloads.  Use the search bar to find Ballerina.  On a site like Amazon, there will be digital download and Blu-ray/DVD options, choose the download version to get your film immediately.  At the moment the screen looks as below, but come Friday it will say 'Buy now' instead of 'Preorder'.

When you choose purchase there will probably be two options available: HD and SD.  The easiest way to understand the difference is by thinking of High-Definition (HD) as equivalent to Blu-ray and Standard Definition (SD) as like a DVD.  Easier than a plié, non?

Remember to check your settings so that over-enthusiastic small people can't buy every film that takes their fancy, and if you are a mini prima ballerina, check with your grown up first!  You may need to enter your debit card details at this point.  Download time will be dependent on which service you are using and your internet speed, so be patient!

Once downloaded, Ballerina will now be stored in your account forever.  No worries about scratching disks, losing them or chocolate spread fingerprint crises (just our house?).  Now that film is yours, settle down and enjoy!

And best of all, once downloaded it is accessible on your other devices too.  Bought it on your TV, but want to watch it in bed on your laptop?  No problem.  Just log in to your account from the new device and it will be there.  You can even download it to watch offline, perfect for a weekend away or long car journey.

Ballerina is available on digital download from Friday 14th April, and on Blu-Ray and DVD from Monday 17th April 2017, courtesy of Entertainment One.  Certificate U.

And what of the film itself?  This delightful, fun-filled animated adventure tells the story of Félicie, a young orphan who tries to make her dream of becoming a dancer come true.  Aided by her best friend and aspiring inventor, Victor, Félicie escapes her orphanage and heads to the big city to fulfil her dreams.

With ballet her one passion, Félicie and Victor hatch a series of cunning plans, and combined with hard work she lands a place at a top dance school, where she must take on the school bully to win the starring role.  A beautiful tale of holding on to your dreams, striving to be your best, and overcoming all the obstacles life can throw, this is the perfect family film for the Easter weekend. Have a look at the trailer here:

Leap, bound and pirouette your way through the Easter holidays with Ballerina.

Ballerina arrives on Digital Download from 14th April and on Blu-ray and DVD from 17th April 2017, courtesy of eOne.

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