Easter Egg Hunt and Spring Flowers at Petworth House

Such beautiful weather this week!  After last weekend being a wash out with us all run down with colds and yuckiness, we made the most of the sunshine with various excursions here and there.  On Tuesday we drove up to the Downs to visit Petworth House for the Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt.

The egg hunt was arranged around the Woodland Walk, where the girls had to collect clues about the leporine residents and create stamps for postcards to be sent to them.  This was OK fro the first 4 or 5 clues, but their interest rather waned after that!

Still into the idea for clue number two:

The stick collecting possibilities, imaginary games, beautiful spring flowers and stunning views were soon far more interesting though.

Luckily, with a bit of parental scribbling, we managed to do sufficient to get the end 'prize' though!  Just look at those cheeky little monkey faces, very happy.

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