Our Unschooled Um... Few Weeks! #9

Oh goodness, where has the last month or more gone?  We've had bugs, hospital trips, endless illness, accidents, traumas, arguments, upsets and other assorted mishaps and miseries, but some good stuff jumbled in too. Rather hoping the balance tips the other way for May though: more good and less bad, please Lord!

So, a very quick, and mostly picture-led, run down...

Mother's Day creativity:

Picnic in Windsor Great Park:

Miniature LEGO garage and emergency vehicles:

A pet worm called Jack:

A trip to LEGOLAND Windsor (incredibly rude staff, dirty rides, broken bits in Miniland - they'd been open 2 weeks!!):

Ice lollies and wildlife at WWT Arundel with friends:

Spring flowers and an Easter egg hunt at Petworth House:

Finding interesting beetles and meeting new friends in the park:

An afternoon at the beach with old friends:

Drawing with Auntie Kim:

Ice creams in the park:

Busy ballerina:

A special cookie for the Easter Bunny:

Lots of Easter gifts and goodies:

Princesses, cats and bunnies:

And lots and lots of blue skies and beaches:

As for learning, subjects covered in one way or another this month include: volcanoes, plant life, evolution, continental shift, fault lines, capital cities, maths, data handling, cooking, weighing, space, planets, word origins, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, migration, war, nationality, nationhood, bird migration, Easter Island, crabs, revolution, the electoral process, Dickens, Poor Law, London slums, the Industrial Revolution, Shakespeare, colour mixing, crops, fair trade, light, the colour spectrum, refraction, rotation of Earth, Moon and Sun, and much more!

I won't bore you with the not good bits, and hoping for none of those at all next month.  See you in May when we will hopefully be back to normal weekly updates. x

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