Finding Me Time in the Every Day with Brabantia

How much 'me time' do you get?  Do you dream of white sand beaches and the sound of the sea lapping at the shore, or a more prosaic free ten minutes in the garden with a cup of tea?  Whatever your idea of me time, like most mums you probably don't get much.  Most of us barely manage to go to the loo without interruption!  Attempting to have a bath last night, my lovely ASD-er (still awake at 10pm) was regaling me with the plotlines of every She Ra episode she has watched in the past few days.  Relaxing?  Not really.  So what can we mums do?

Experts recommend that mums have a minimum of 15-20 minutes a day to spend just as they please.  Whether you do nothing, sit in the garden, read a book, take a bath (uninterrupted), exercise or take a walk, carving out that little bit of time to decompress, recharge and think is vital.  But how likely is that in busy family life?  Maybe we need to find other ways to carve out time for ourselves, time to daydream, think through problems, and just be.

Ironing may not be the first thing you think of when talking about the much sought after 'me time', and usually I would say don't spend your me time catching up with the chores!  But just think about it, something you can do with one small part of your brain whilst the rest runs free.  The very definition of mindfulness is being absorbed in the present moment, being involved in the external task you are doing, but also bringing awareness to the internal processes.

Knowing how little time mums have to themselves, interior design brand Brabantia have launched a new range of ironing boards with fun, bright covers, substantial iron rest suitable for all steam units, and easy open-close mechanism.  They have even created their very own Brabantialife Ironing Board Music playlist on Spotify, so you can iron your stress away with a swing whilst engaging in a bit of mindful 'me time'. The boards even come with a free large beach towel, in case you get the chance for some extra me time at the sauna, spa or on the beach.

At 124 x 38cm these high quality ironing boards are large enough for your bulkiest items like bedding, have a fresh white frame and attractive cover in either cute Dots or stylish Mandala designs.

With foam padding to make ironing easier, plenty of space, solid four leg frame and ergonomic with fully adjustable height (7 different options from 75 - 98 cm), ironing has never been more easy or enjoyable.

It's time to make this chore your new decompression time.  Just light a scented candle, stick on some music and iron your stresses away!  Life is for living so make the most of all of it, even the essential tasks.  And did you know that ironing burns more than 100 calories an hour?

We tried out the Mandala Ironing Board which is so comfortable to use, easy to put up and down and comes with other safety features, such as a child lock to prevent it collapsing when in use, and transport lock to keep it folded when stored.  The board is robust and stable with non-slip feet and a strong 25mm steel tube frame.

The cover mechanism ensures that it stays taut and fits well, whilst it is well-padded and comfortable to use.  The board comes with a 10 year guarantee, and the cute free beach towel - currently in use as a tent in our house!

I love the fun Mandala design!

Brabantia products can be bought online at leading retailers, including department stores, and in store at superstores and quality independent kitchen and homeware specialists.  For stockist details, check Brabantia’s website

Proviso: Yes, I know men can do the ironing too - and even deserve a little me time of their own, but with 74% of mothers still doing the majority of the household tasks, this post is female-centric.  Sorry!

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