Creating an Edible Garden with Homebase (and Kids) Part 1 #GardenGoals

When life is crazy busy, something just has to give.  For us in the past months that has been our previously cherished balcony garden.  What a mess!  A jumble of pots, dead plants, gone over flowers and bulbs, just a disaster area!

The only thing we were managing to grow successfully was a very fine line in weeds, and the sole remnant of our previously productive vegetable growing was some gone to flower broccoli.  Terrible!

Last year we successfully grew and harvested a variety of fruit, vegetables and herbs, but this neglected little patch wasn't going to be providing much in its current state. Even the fruit bushes were suffering, after a rather inefficient autumn prune and winter of neglect.

Luckily, Homebase stepped in to offer us the chance to reclaim and re-establish our edible garden with their step by step guides.  I must admit Homebase wouldn't have been the first store that came to mind for gardening supplies, I'd previously thought of them solely for DIY products, but they have everything.

Seeds, seedlings, larger grafted plants, ready-made hanging baskets of tomatoes, everything you could possibly need for an edible garden, and plenty of flowers too.

We did a bit of prep before heading to Homebase, cleaning out pots, clearing the old plants and dead bits and bobs, putting the spring bulbs out to make the most of the light before dying down, and clearing plenty of space.  Then we planned our new edible garden, using the guidance on the Homebase website.  Whatever your garden goal, from creating a garden for entertaining to adding colour, Homebase have a host of ideas and advice on their website.

For each type of garden they have broken down jobs into those that take one hour, half a day or a full day, perfect for the budding gardener.  Each task is broken down into a set of instructions, with a handy shopping list alongside.  We decided to make the half day task 'Make a mini vegetable garden with the kids' our main focus, as all three girls love to help with the gardening, especially if it involves something delicious to eat!

Lara and Sophia came up with a list of veggies they wanted to grow: sweetcorn, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, peas, broad beans, spring onions and carrots.  We already have raspberries, red and white currants, blueberries and gooseberries, they just needed a tidy up, but the girls also wanted to get some more strawberry plants as ours hadn't survived the winter.  We had no decent herb plants left either, so we added dill, parsley, chives, thyme and mint to the list.

First stop for us was the outside area to pick up some peat-free compost to top up what we already have.  Their New Horizon peat-free multipurpose is also organic, and great value.

We also picked up a new deep trough planter to encourage deeper root growth.

While Steve and Tatia bought the compost and took it back to the car, Lara, Sophia and I started picking out plants for our collection.  Compared to our usual garden centre, the prices at Homebase were really good value, so we eagerly stacked up the trolley.

We came away with plenty of plants for our edible garden, a stack of seed packets, and a few bee-friendly plants to attract the pollinators too.  Now home to plant them all...

The girls were so excited about their gardening tasks and couldn't wait to get everything growing.  Have a look at our second edible garden post to see how they get on, and what our rather neglected balcony looks like now.

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