Kitchens Through the Decades

We were fascinated by the series Back in Time for Dinner, not just for the retro look down memory lane at food like Vesta curries and Smash, but for the incredible evolution our kitchens have gone through in the past six decades.  From tiny rooms with a single cupboard, a sink, a stove and not much else, food bought daily because there was no way to keep it fresh; to the sleek, clean, almost space age lines of today, vast rooms in which we cook, eat, entertain, and even relax.  Quite a transformation!

But what of those kitchens of yesteryear? We're still on a half-hearted house hunt and every time I come across a bit of a wreck that, according to the estate agent's blurb, needs a new kitchen, I find myself desperate to save it.  My current favourite is one with an amazing late '60s/early '70s fitted kitchen: fabulous bright orange cupboards with white drawers and chrome runners for handles.

Even the 1980s' ubiquitous wooden country vogue, the beginning of cheap kitchens, begins to have an appeal thirty years on!  Further back, I'm pretty sure I'm not an Aga kind of person, but I do hanker after those freestanding 1950s and 1960s kitchen cupboards (apparently now trendy and rising in price, grr).  And don't even get me started on gorgeous formica-topped tables.

What kitchen trends do you remember, fondly or otherwise?  What kind of kitchen units have you lived with?  And what about the food we served from them: veg turned to mush, fondues, instant mash, Poptarts, Arctic Roll and Viennetta, what do you recall with joy - or horror?!  Have a look at this fab infographic from Prestige, for a real trip down memory lane.

Kitchens Through The Decades
A look back at Kitchen Design by Decade has been produced by Prestige.

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