Messy Desk? Blame Your Birthday!

How tidy are you?  From your desk and your wardrobe to your car, how messy (or not) you are says a lot about your personality, life situation and frame of mind.  I remember reading somewhere that less than 20% of us are truly organised, discarding all those bits of paper, flyers, business cards etc etc, in favour of minimalist zen harmony.  What about you?

Most of us are guilty of keeping clothes we never wear, stacks of glasses and crockery we never use, and filling space with trinkets and knick-knacks. We're no better at work, keeping stacks of paperwork unnecessarily, hoarding half-done projects, and having way too much clutter on our desks.  Working from home makes it even more of a nightmare, especially with no office or study to work in.  I have an old book box that carts my paperwork, laptop and other bits around, but still manage to spread across half the room when using my kitchen table desk!  (Great excuse to escape to my Costa-office though!)

Of course, if you are in the messy camp, we're in great company.  Apparently Abraham Lincoln and Sigmund Freud were notorious, and who can forget that famous photo of Einstein's desk after he died?  As the great man once said, "If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, then what are we to think of an empty desk?"

If you are worried about your lack of a tidy gene, although I think it just makes you a normal human who has better things to think about than neatness, perhaps you can blame your star sign!  This fun infographic from office furniture supplier furniture@work matches certain levels of organisation and tidiness to the heavens.  I'm a Leo, so should have a messy car (check) and have a messy desk at the beginning of the week.  Hmm, not sure about the second part there, it's usually tidier after the weekend than halfway through the week.  Certainly true that I think getting out having fun and doing things is more important than tidying, no show home lifestyle for us.  Anyway, if everything was neat and tidy I'd never find anything!

Have a look, how true are you to your star sign in terms of messiness or tidiness?

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