Mindful Monsters: Mindfulness Activities for Children and Parents

Young children naturally practice mindfulness, becoming completely absorbed in their imaginary world of play, but as they get older conforming and obeying and joining in with activities they don't choose means this begins to wane.  Bright, loud, in your face television, over-use of technology and overscheduling of free time can frequently lead to angry, aggressive, stressed children who cannot easily cope with the stresses and strains of life, or access that earlier nirvana of peaceful play.  How can we encourage children to hold onto their natural mindfulness, whilst also developing better understanding of themselves and a more positive attitude?

Disability charity Scope has launched Mindful Monsters a new subscription service that brings a collection of activity cards to your door each month.  The cards give parents a new and exciting way to help their children develop important life skills, to regain that natural mindfulness, and to spend quality time together as a family.  The cards offer quick and easy activities, such as physical balances and poses, discussion activities, guidance on positive thinking and kindness, relaxation techniques and creative ideas.

For a child whose 8 hour day involves getting ready for school, being at school, getting home from school, possibly homework, and little space or freedom, these cards are invaluable.  They will help to restore their positivity, to overcome obstacles or problems they may face at school, and to help them relax and make the most of the free time they do have.  They are also a lifeline for parents who often wonder how to make the most of the short time they do have with their children, without it becoming another task-filled, scheduled time period.

With just a few minutes spare, grab a card and carry out an activity with the kids that will help you bond, be fun, and develop vital life skills.  The cards can be done anywhere, so keep some in your car door pocket for those free moments, or in your handbag for waiting times that might otherwise be filled with anxiety and stress.

Children will love the fun monster family, as well as the fun activities they offer.  Plus they get to spend time with you doing something new and beneficial - win-win!

These simple tasks can help children become more mindful and more resilient, qualities which are particularly important in today's hectic, overscheduled, electronic world.  Research shows that developing mindfulness in families has many benefits:
  • More resilience in day-to-day life
  • Improved focus
  • Better understanding of emotions
  • A sense of calm
  • More positive thinking – promoting kindness and gratitude

You can find out more about the cards in this video:

Find out more about Mindful Monsters and sign up here.

Disability charity Scope currently supports 250,000 disabled people and their families every year, aiming to make that 2 million by 2022.  They believe that no parent should feel scared or alone when their child is disabled, and that every disabled child deserves the best possible start in life.
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