Our Holiday, May 2017

Apart from, perhaps, choosing the wrong week of May for our holiday, we had a fantastic time.  Of course, being outdoorsy sorts, the chill wind and rain didn't put us off being outside, and there were plenty of sunny intervals too.

Holidaying not too far away and somewhere you are very familiar with is the perfect solution for a stress-free holiday.  I've been visiting the New Forest and the Hampshire coast my whole life, camping, caravanning, hotel-ing, B&B-ing and just day trips, so know the area very well.  We don't need to find the route, check where the best beaches are, plan where to go, or even find out where the nearest supermarket is, it's all dead easy.  Just over an hour's drive and we're on holiday.  Yay!

The girls love the freedom of knowing where they are but being able to explore without us on their backs too much, they love visiting old, and new, haunts, going swimming every day and meeting their old friends Cybil and Cyril the Squirrels.

We spent lots of time on Avon Beach, even into the evening.  It's one of our favourite beaches and so quiet whilst everyone else is at school and work.  Buckets and spades, picnic, beach tent (for sun or rain!), wind break, picnic blankets and a throw and we're sorted for hours!  A bamboo stick was the latest addition to our beach-ready packing this year, for drawing and writing in the sand - good thinking, kids!

We visited the cinema in Southampton in the middle of the week, then had a wander round West Quay shopping centre to avoid the rain.  This Scooby-Doo van was a HUGE hit!  And then we headed to IKEA, that giant dolls house, for a play and quick dinner.

The evening cheered up enough for a walk through the New Forest on the way back, one of several visits during the week.  The ponies, foals, cows, calves, pigs and donkeys were a highlight as ever, and we had great fun trying to fly some kites the girls had won, blowing and chasing bubbles, as well as playing in the ubiquitous muddy puddles!

Wellies c/o Aldi

There were more puddles around the site, perfect for playing in during our daily walks.  We racked up quite a few miles each day, with even Tatiana (3) managing most of it.  We have ambitions to tackle big walks like the South Downs Way and the Ridgway, so consider it training!

Clothes (except cardigan) c/o George at Asda

We were a bit too noisy to spot much wildlife, but learnt lots following a wildlife trail of signs around the site.  The girls collected lots of stone, feather and wild flower treasure - who knew dandelions could be both gold and silver.

Plenty of fun to be had, and friends to be made, in the playground too.

And of course plenty of time for more beach fun, with toys and creating sand sculptures.  Tatia's is 'The Very Hungry Caterpillow' 😄

Pebbles this time, the perfect place to find different types of stone, talk about rock strata, and find and photograph exciting treasures.

Who needs flights, guaranteed sunshine and kids clubs, we're hardy British holidaymakers, making our own entertainment, rain or shine 😉

Lovely girlies, and a lovely holiday.

Good morning!

Shopkins dress c/o Noisy Sauce

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