Our Unschooled Week #11

Oh I do wish this weather would sort itself out!  We're off to the New Forest on holiday on Monday and hoping for sunshine.  At least if the on and off sunshine and drizzle continues my mum will be able to relax on the sofa with the cats rather than watering for us!  We've had another all over the place week, as ever, and lots of fun.

It was beloved Uncle Paul's birthday this week, so on Sunday the girls made cards for him, then wanted to do some painting.  After lunch we went to the beach before coming home to bake shortbread.  We've been watching a lot of musicals lately, so once the shortbread was in the oven the girls started work on a music concert and ballet performance.  The creation and performing kept them busy till bedtime.

Somehow on Monday morning we ended up watching Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom in Gaelic, which led into a huge discussion and investigation of different languages, language roots, accents, dialects, UK geography and more.  Lunch was a picnic at the playground and a lot of exercise in the playing field behind.  We ran, skipped and hopped, played football, baseball and cricket, and used some of the exercise equipment.  I thought the girls would be exhausted when we got home, but they were keen to do some painting and play LEGO, then finally collapsed in front of The LEGO Movie after dinner.

Tuesday was bit more chilled day - probably recovering from the day before!  We tidied the garage a bit (think that could be a week's job!), then took lots of recycling to the tip.  We have seen some documentaries about how different products are recycled, so Lara taught Tatia about the processes, and we also talked about why we recycle, the environment, etc.  We went to the park on the way home for a walk and play, where a PJ Masks game started.  At home Tatia was in charge so the super heroes PJ Masks game continued.  She's always Catboy 😼

Finally the sun shone all day on Wednesday, so we headed to Bosham for more seaweed exploration, playing with dollies in the water, paddling in the river etc.  It's currently the girls' favourite place, and makes a nice easy afternoon out.  They fished for seaweed with sticks, fed the ducks and swans, and played in the river.

In the morning we had been looking at art on the laptop and talking about art galleries, art history, perspective and the horizon, so the girls were keen to show Steve their new-found knowledge in the afternoon.

We went into Holy Trinity Church, the oldest church in Sussex, which is mostly of Norman construction, some Saxon, and is mentioned in the Bayeux Tapestry.  A great living history lesson on the Anglo-Saxons, Harold, the Norman Conquest (Battle is already on their history wish list!) and more.

An unnamed 8 year old daughter of King Cnut is also buried here, mention of whom led into an interesting conversation about the difference between myth and legend.

The musicals thing continued on Thursday with Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat which led to lots of Bible reading, examination of geography in Biblical times, pharaohs and Ancient Egypt.  The girls made lunch, which was lovely.

In the afternoon, they played outside with our neighbour's son until it started to rain, then came in and started their holiday packing.  Before bed, Lara taught Tatia numbers 10-20 and played a board game with her, very sweet.

Friday was the day our much-longed for fourth baby was due, so not a good day.  Lots of tears.

Today we've been cleaning and tidying for Nanny arriving tomorrow, and finishing our holiday packing.  This afternoon we took off to our local RSPB site, Pagham Harbour, for a walk in the sunshine.

The whole place was scented by Hawthorn, that heady, boozy aroma of late spring.  Examining the branches inspired an investigation of plants that defend themselves, and we found brambles, several types of thistle, Hawthorn and other plants with spikes and prickles that defend themselves.

"Mummy, look at the thorns on this!"

"And this one!"

These young teasel plants with their spiky stems, leaf spines and leaves were particularly interesting.

Sophia ended up on the receiving end of one defence mechanism: nettle stings.  Thank goodness for dock leaves!

The girls did plenty of bug spotting and found lots of interesting spiders, ants and beetles.

A lovely way to spend the afternoon.  Here's Sophia's photo of the landscape:

I love this picture of me with my three Earth babies:

Hope you've had a great week too! Lx

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