Balcony Gardening: June

Just a quick update this month as we haven't got much colour on the balcony at the moment, but lots of fruit and vegetables on their way in our 4m x 1m space.  The tomatoes have loved all the heat and sunshine we've had lately and are a mass of flowers.  Looking forward to a bumper crop as summer progresses.

There are some flowers still going strong, mostly pelargoniums and scabious, which the bees are still loving.  The agapanthus is a mass of flower heads this year, so I can't wait for that to bloom.  I just hope we don't get a sudden burst of wind and rain to give it a battering...

Vegetable-wise, we have had some peas and there are lots of broad beans coming.  The peppers are coming along (very) slowly but surely, the carrots are going great guns, and there are a few spring onions coming to full size.  Unfortunately, while we were away the snails had a feast on my cauliflower plants and most of the teeny cucumbers.  Yep, snails climb walls.  I must invest in some copper rings for protection, my friend swears by them.

We are doing well for fruit though, with several mornings of red and white currants for breakfast, a handful of early strawberries, and plenty of gooseberries, blueberries and more strawberries to come. We even have an apple tree now!

How is your garden growing this summer?

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