Our Unschooled Fortnight #12

Well, what a couple of weeks we've had!  The girls have had measles, one by one, so we have spent lots of time indoors.  They weren't particularly poorly, just a fever, some cold symptoms, then headache, spots and sore eyes.  After a lovely holiday (mostly in rain and with grey days), then this glorious weather, it seemed such a shame to stay in, but with the girls coming down one by one, we had little choice.  We finally managed to get outside yesterday - spot Sophia's relief in this photo!

Poorly girls.  But we did manage to fill our fortnight with lots of fun activities at home in between the rest times.  We played with dolls, LEGO, Sylvanian Families, Play-doh, Duplo and everything else.

We did puzzles, played with cars and Playmobil, did crafts and sewing, and drew lots of pictures.

Lara made some lovely rings with her Aquabeads, and they dressed up as princesses, pirates, fairies, Tudor children, chimney sweeps and more.

They even dressed Daddy up, as an Egyptian mummy, a babushka, and a Mexican lady slash flamenco dancer!  (Incriminating photos below...)

Lara washed the patio doors, and we did lots of tending to our balcony garden.  Sophia planted some sweetcorn seeds and we did some successive planting of spring onions, radishes, carrots and salads.

We also did lots of baking, making blueberry muffins (Sophia), chocolate cakes (Lara), un-iced here, but they were later covered in a chocolate ganache, and pretty little fairy cakes (Tatiana).

And finally, painting: on cardboard, on canvasses, on paper, and on toys!

We're finally back to normal now, and no-one is infectious, so we're back out into the world after our enforced hibernation.  See you next week! Lx

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