Our Unschooled Week #13

Now the measles have gone, we have been back to normal life with a vengeance!  Lots of outdoor adventures this week, even if we did nearly get blown out to sea on Tuesday and Wednesday!  Let's hope the coming week sees some better weather.  Here's what we've been up to over the past seven days...

Last Sunday we headed over to the WWT at Arundel, the first of two visits this week.  Lots of cute little water babies to spot, as well as crafts, pond dipping, hunting for mini beasts, even paddling!  Here are some photos from our days, a combination of both visits:

Tatiana and Sophia were more interested in washing their hands after pond dipping than looking at their finds under the microscope!

Moorhen babies and variegated leaves both created lots of questions and discussion.

Turning the logs to find minibeasts:

Beautiful downy Canadian goslings.

On Monday we headed over to Peacehaven, the other side of Brighton, for a lunch review at the restaurant there (review coming soon).  Afterwards we went for a walk along the cliff tops, where the girls were fascinated by the ledge of black rock, basal or granite, running along the base of the white chalk cliffs.

We spotted lots of wild flowers, especially sea lavender, sought out sea vegetables for foraging, and saw lots of poppies which evoked lots of questions about why they are used for Remembrance Day in November.

Driving back home, we stopped at 'the shark playground' between Portslade and Southwick and had a whale shark of a time!

Sophia had great fun being chased and eaten by the shark!

Tuesday was cold and windy, so we played out with friends a bit in morning, and went for a blustery walk along the beach, then cooked, played, made crafts and Lego in the afternoon.  One of Lara's elaborate mini worlds:

On Wednesday we went to the playground despite the wind, and then headed to the WWT again for a picnic lunch (sunny but chilly!)

Later on we warmed up at home and watched The Day the Dinosaurs Died on iPlayer.  Really interesting documentary that created loads of ideas and questions in the girls' minds.  They made various models to demonstrate what had happened on that fateful day to show Daddy when he got home, including this hot, molten rock explosion:

Thursday was a quiet day, just an amble on the beach, and a few films.  Despicable Me is the current favourite again, in eager anticipation of the third film coming out next month.

On Friday we went to Ramster Garden, just south of Chiddingfold.  We'd been meaning to go for ages as my Godmother recommended it and then we saw its stunning display of spring colour on Gardeners' World, but with one thing and another, then two weeks stuck indoors, we hadn't made it.  The gardens close tomorrow though, until their Autumn Colour opening, so we were determined to make it.

Unfortunately, most of the azaleas and rhododendrons were over, but there were lovely trees to look at, plenty of wild flowers including an abundance of wild orchids, and lots of other interesting plants, vistas, and resident cat to admire.

Ramster is such a lovely garden to wander in, and the girls loved exploring and finding statues and interesting paths and 'secret gardens'.  We will definitely be bringing Steve back with us in Autumn for more exploration.

All three girls were impeccably behaved, and got many admiring ahs from old ladies, especially when their baby had to have her own highchair and lunch in the tea room.

There was a bit of rain spitting and spotting in the afternoon, so Sophia kindly sheltered the carved fox bench!

The wild orchids were stunning:

But Simba the cat was possible the biggest hit.  Tatia was desperate to bring him home.  Photos by Lara, our budding photographer.

For some unknown reason it was necessary to leave walking backwards (Lara) with your jumper over your head (Sophia).  I did ask why, but was told "That's just what you have to do here."  OK.

With the sun back today, we've been playing outside, watched the carnival in town, and been to a local village fete, but I managed to forget the camera for all of them!  Lara did grab it to snap this photo of Poppy in the cupboard though.  Cheeky cat!  Spot the Easter and Christmas chocolate leftovers!

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