3 Reasons Why You Should be Sleeping on Organic Bedding

As consumers in most developed parts of the world become more and more aware of the reasons why organic products are better to use than their synthetic counterparts, a significant number of consumers are shifting towards them. In case you are wondering, organic cotton beddings are made from purely natural cotton that has not been genetically modified or exposed to chemicals and pesticides during the cultivation process. In fact, the methods used in the cultivation of organic cotton are by default, as environmentally friendly as possible. If you were planning to buy some bedding anytime soon, the following points may just convince you to go for an organic mattress this time around.

It’s Healthy

Since we regularly spend a major portion of our most vulnerable hours on the bed, it is only natural that the mattress, sheets and pillows would have a lot to do with how healthy we remain. Most organic beds are hypoallergenic by nature since they do not have any residual pesticides or treated chemicals that are often known to irritate the sensitive skin of babies and small children. In fact, even allergy-prone adults who are not particularly allergic to cotton will find organic mattresses and sheets to be much less irritating than synthetic bedding.

Organic Bedding is Environmentally Friendly

The farming of cotton is responsible for about one-fourth of the world’s total use of insecticides and pesticides which inevitably enter the water supply that every animal and human being on this planet ultimately ends up drinking. If you think that the water you drink is purified before reaching you, you are only partially right because the expensive and sophisticated water purification systems necessary for doing so is only available in limited locations. Also consider the fact that animals do not have access to that purified water and the chemicals that they drink make their way inside us through the food chain. If a majority of the population decides to shift to organic cotton products which are also biodegradable, the toll our planet is taking can be reduced significantly.

Natural Comfort

While chemically treated cotton and synthetic alternatives can produce more extreme results in terms of softness or hardness of a mattress, organic mattresses offer a more stable, long term and natural level of softness that doesn’t change drastically even after years of use because their level of hardness/softness is determined by the weaving itself and not chemical treatments. They will always be cooler than synthetic mattresses and feel soft to the touch. Another huge advantage that organic mattresses have over chemically treated ones is the fact that they don’t smell. If you have owned a foam mattress before then you would know that the harsh chemical smell which emanates from artificial foam mattresses take a long time to go away, while with an organic mattress, such problems are totally absent.

It should be noted that if you are used to sleeping on synthetic mattresses, the shift can be uncomfortable initially but you should find the new setting to be much more comfortable than before within a week or two of trying one out. The only thing to make sure is that you purchase it from a reputed seller to ensure authenticity.

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